Posts from May 2022

What is the Weekly Wake Up?

Hey U Human! Reminder…life doesn’t have to be so complicated. You just haven’t been taught how life ACTUALLY works and what being human is all about. What we know about the human experience is pretty stunted.  It’s time to learn how to be more human.  How to have a human experience that’s worth living (bye […]

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FAQ – Parenting 101 tips

Wouldn’t it be great if parenting came with a human manual? Kind of like getting a plant.  It comes with a tag stating what you need to do to keep it alive, watch it grow, and stay healthy and happy. As a parent, it’s easy to feel like you are totally winging it. At times, […]

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Introduction to the Rapid Relief Technique™ (RRT)

Oh, Hey U! Thanks for landing on this article (in particular).  All of our stuff is pretty fantastic. But at the root of it is the Rapid Relief Technique (RRT). So this is the most fantastic article you will read! Take a moment – you are in a pre-RRT moment right now….Ready for your world […]

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Mental Health 101 – FAQ

When it comes to mental health and wellbeing, society is STRUGGLING! It’s perplexing to us at Hey U Human.  We have never had so many resources, education, funding, and options available to improve our mental health yet our mental health is on a continuous massive decline. We have never had so many modalities, advice, and […]

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