Certified Human Developers - Virtual Mental Health Support

Hey U!

Come meet our Certified Human Developers!

Hey U!

Come meet our Certified Human Developers!

Give yourself lasting, accelerated transformation!

Partner with a CHD today to clear your limiting beliefs and achieve your goals with ease.

Are you ready to start your healing journey, but wouldn’t mind a little extra help along the way? Or maybe you’ve made the decision to jump into the membership but just feel… well… stuck? It happens!

Sometimes your journey is self-guided, and other times it feels good knowing that you’ve got some support helping you along. This is where our Certified Human Developers (CHD) come in. They are there to guide you in your journey, with the ultimate goal of teaching you how to help yourself. It’s not about relying on someone else, it’s about receiving that tiny (or possibly big) nudge to get you going.

Stick with a CHD for as long as you need. When you are ready to go it alone, let our amazing CommUnity of people support you. And remember, you can always book a 1:1 Support session down the road if you need. It’s just that simple!


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Meet our Certified Human Developers:

Amy Morris

Certified Human Developer

Hi! I’m Amy. I am honored to be a part of the Hey U Human team. I serve on the support side of things, a mentor here to support you through your journey.

I am also a proud Certified Human Developer here with Hey U Human.

Additionally, I am a therapist for children, teens, and adults. I have my Master’s in Social Work and have been in the field for over 20 years.
I am certified in many modalities and the RRT is by far the most effective modality I have utilized with my clients and with myself! The results I have seen are astounding! I have a gentle yet direct approach and a deep love for all humans.

I am looking forward to meeting you!


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Aoife Ward

Certified Human Developer

I am a Career Guidance Counsellor and Teacher, and work with teenagers and young adults in my day job to help them build self esteem and confidence and work out their life purpose. Using RRT in my work has been amazing and I am fully committed to continuing my own healing journey in this community and helping other people to do the same! I live in Ireland 🇮🇪 with my partner and 2 gorgeous daughters.


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Ariel Aboutboul

Certified Human Developer

Hi, my name is Ariel!

I loved as a corporate cubicle-dweller for 7 years. Now I am living a life I truly love and there’s NO GOING BACK!

I am an adventurous, curious, and passionate discoverer who inspires others through my vulnerable expression, courage to pursue my dreams, and zest for the nectars of life. I allow my heart’s excitement to guide me in cultivating a meaningful life.

I am inspired to support those inkling for change in their lives, and those who feel discontented and unfulfilled (like I felt when I lived my corporate life). My passion is to empower these people to live a more peaceful life, free from overwhelming stress & worry, and to create a purpose-driven life they truly love.

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Bella Sium

Certified Human Developer

My name is Bella and I am an educator in the realm of consciousness. I have been an educator for 8 years in Canada, and it was during my recent Masters in Education work that I began tapping into higher dimensions in the spiritual realm. I specialize in guiding individuals towards true homeostasis through the lens of their educational and personal realities. Through this work, I also create educational healing pedagogies for learners of all ages. Seven phases of my work include:

desire → intention → wisdom → understanding → clarity → choice → reality.

I am part of the divine collective; a female, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I am a learner of the universe, a child of our Mother, and most importantly, a deep soul, surrendering to the journey outlined for me. We have all the answers within us, here and now. It is my highest honour to assist you in healing and to guide humanity’s evolution.


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Tina Ridge

Certified Human Developer

Hello! I’m Tina and I’m a Certified Human Developer and Rapid Relief Technique Practitioner certified through Hey U Human. I have significant training in grief, trauma, emotions, and human behavior, as well, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Indiana University.

I am highly intuitive and use my natural divine gifts to help clients see the underlying patterns that are hidden.

Using the same tools that I do with clients, I’ve been able to eliminate anxiety and stress from my life. I help other humans release what is no longer serving them so they can connect back to who they are at their core and unlock their unique Heaven on Earth.


Mika Shoemaker

Certified Human Developer

Mika is a Breathwork Facilitator and Certified Human Developer. She helps people experience radical self-love through alchemizing emotional states and stands for a soulful experience of human life.

Mika began meditating at the age of 7, guided by her father who is a Transcendental Meditation Sidhi in Japan. After practicing multiple Spiritual modalities and Personal Development techniques, she discovered Breathwork and RRT to be the most effective methods that allow her clients to experience repeated breakthroughs.

She is a mother of two children and lives in Southern California, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and dancing.



Let's Work Together

This isn’t therapy or coaching… this is human development.

Our Certified Human Developers aren’t here to make you feel better. They are here to teach U how to heal, yourself. It’s about removing the co-dependency so that when the proverbial S#!T hits the fan, you aren’t reliant on someone else to help.

It’s time you learn the Rapid Relief Technique™ (RRT) and ditch the old ways of doing things. Let a Certified Human Developer get you the results YOU want so that you can change your life both permanently and for good!


Choose Your Journey

Your Healing Journey, Your Way!

When it comes to Hey U Human, we want healing to not only be fun, but we want it to suit your needs. Pick the journey that works best for U!

Use the 1:1 Sessions to kick-start your journey or as an addition to your journey whenever you need. Or, jump into the guided journey where you’ll learn how to truly heal and find the happiness you are looking for, just with a bit of added help!


Are you ready to shift into a place of power and integrate it into every area of your life? Join the Hey U Human Guided Journey Membership and watch your life, your energy, your relationships, and your desires transform!

You will receive:

  • 2 Sessions per month with your dedicated Certified Human Developer
  • Access to The Foundation course material + support community.
  • Access to the Daily Dose
  • Access to +$2,000 VALUE worth of bonus training + complimentary access to new courses launched during your membership
  • VIP pricing for any additional Private 1:1 Sessions.
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BOOK A 1:1 SESSION: $120 per session

Looking to kick-start your healing journey or possibly move through something you are stuck on?

Whether you are new to the Rapid Relief Technique™ or have been using it for years, a session with a Certified Human Developer could be just the thing to shift U. These sessions are everything you need and everything you didn’t even know you needed!


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