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“This app is my favorite thing!!!! The support and knowledge coming from this space is so needed and helpful! It’s a safe place to come unload and regain self-love and knowledge like humans have never seen. It’s full of accepting understanding compassionate people who get humans and all that entails.”

Emily Geib

“I received my Therapy through Hey U Human! It Keeps me Sane AND Happy! Sara is an Amazing Speaker, she Calms me immediately. Every Wednesday, we have a standing date.”

Elise Kula

“There have been so many shifts, but honestly, there’s only one that matters to me. The biggest shift that I’ve had in my life is around relationships. I’ve spent a lifetime literally since I was an infant in unhealthy traumatic relationships from a very abusive marriage to a string of boyfriends that were equally abusive. I’ve suffered traumatic physical abuse, emotional abuse, and every kind of abuse out there mental abuse.”

Cristina Serradas

“Using RRT daily!! Works amazing, TRANSFORMATIONAL!! Cleared a lot of past emotions that come up!”

Daniela T.

“Since joining this program, the anxiety of lack of money / safety decreased. I’m more connected to myself now and like the universe a little bit more 🙂 Also stress decreased and I have less amount of dark thoughts.”

Dave S.

“There are many things in our lives that leave scars on our hearts and souls that never seem to heal. The Foundation (and learning the Rapid Relief Technique) helped heal those scars. Will I still have work to do? Absolutely!”

Deb D.

“I’ve used RRT with working with crania-sacral work on my kids- life-changing!! I’m 2 years into my membership and I love it!”

Libby W.

“The Foundation and the Membership is helping me with my daily life, get to understand my emotions and let them go instead of killing me. I love this space so much!”

Karina J.

“I have been in the membership for a few weeks. Everything changed. I view my life as before and after the membership. I LOVE membership and honestly can’t believe how transformational it is.”

Julia G.

“​The Membership and this community is worth the investment. This is what I have needed my entire life!! ❤ Join us!!”

Jodi S.

This is a true transformation

The Starter Membership is designed for you to dip your toe in the pool of potential…

(the Hey U Human potential that is).

This is a carefully curated blend of tools and resources designed to kickstart your personal growth journey. A mix of live and self study resources that are designed to bring healing. expansion, community and connection all into one special place.


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Do this for yourself, not by yourself.

Here’s what we know at Hey U Human, and we have the research to prove it. We know it first takes clearing out the limits and conditioning that stand in our way of getting what we want in life. Then it takes being consistently inspired, motivated, and REMINDED that YOU deserve to have that life. That you are worthy, loved, and capable! It takes someone reminding you of your greatness and helping you remove the blocks to your success.

And that’s the two main components of the Starter Membership, our Magic Monday call that is done LIVE each week. It’s meant to motivate you, inspire you, and REMIND you of how powerful you are, how capable you are, and how worthy you are of all the success.

Then we meet later in the week to identify and release all the blocks, limits, and overall unhelpful baggage standing in our way to success.

It’s as simple and as powerful as that. Created for the go-getter who just can’t swing the higher price right now, OR the skeptic who wants to try it out first before fully committing with us.

The Starter Membership was designed for 2 types of people

The Ready-to-Shift Trailblazers

You can feel it in your bones, that longing for change. You’re primed, you’re ready, but things haven’t quite clicked yet financially. That’s okay! You know you need that spark of inspiration, the connection, a tribe of doers. You’re hungry to learn, grow, and expand!

The Hopeful Skeptics

Maybe finances aren’t the issue but you’re just not quite sure about us! You’re intrigued by  what Hey U Human is all about. But, let’s face it, you’ve been burned before and you want to dip your toes before fully committing. Now, for just $7, you can see for yourself why we’re the real deal.

Hey U Human is doing things different…

We have worked with plenty of humans. What we hear time and time again is how we were the missing piece that changed everything on their journey to creating success in life.

This isn’t just for them. It’s for you TOO!

So come join us and get started. We have created quite the community of humans looking for a better world, a better life, and are dedicated to creating for themselves!



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We are on a mission to change the world! Learn more about why the Starter Membership was created and what you can expect as a member!

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Inside the Starter Membership you’ll find:

  • MAGIC MONDAY LIVE EVENT: Let’s make Mondays magical, together! Revitalize your Mondays with our Magic Monday Event (free for Starter & Happy Human Members)! It’s your weekly dose of inspiration and connection. A reminder of how amazing and worthy you are so you can take life by the reins and create what you want! Join us live or binge-watch the replays.
  • TAP IT OUT LIVE EVENT: Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and any and all gunk holding you back. Join us weekly (free for Starter & Happy Human Members) where we Tap It Out, together! This powerful weekly event will show you how to release all the things that are holding you back and anchor you in the good. You will leave feeling truly empowered!
  • CHALLENGES & TRAINING: Empower yourself with ongoing access to our impactful challenges and training, including the Magic, Money & Miracles 14-day challenge and the Beyond Abundance 12-day challenge (and much more!). When coupled with our live events, these resources form the foundation for an extraordinary and comprehensive transformation that brings about lasting change.
  • COMMUNITY (limited access): Participate in our weekly community prompts to dive deeper into your self-study journey. These prompts provide an opportunity to connect and share with fellow members who are also on this transformative path.
  • EXCLUSIVE APP: Access our content on our personalized and private app (or just from your desktop if that’s what you prefer). Join in anytime, anywhere!

And that’s just the beginning…


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The Starter Membership is for you if:

  • You are ready to shift your life, but financially can’t spend much. You want to kick the Sunday scaries and make every week a great one
  • You are looking for more motivation and inspiration in life. Seeking some really cool people who “get” you
  • You want to start identifying the patterns that are holding you back and eliminate them
  • You desire connection and to be part of something bigger than yourself that is helping the world
  • You are ready to try something different to uplevel your life

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