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Introduction to the Rapid Relief Technique™ (RRT)

Sara Longoria | May 18, 2022

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What is the Rapid Relief Technique™ (RRT)

RRT is the Rapid Relief Technique™ and is a hands-on healing modality based on neuroscience. It is used to release negative (stuck, repressed, unprocessed) emotions from the body so you can live your best life both emotionally and physically. RRT helps you independently move through and release stuck emotions in a systematic way using what’s going on in your everyday life so you come back home to yourself.


Why is it important?

Every experience we have in this lifetime has an emotion attached to it. Emotions are energy and get stored in the cells of our bodies.

Science has shown that stress and negative emotions are connected to a variety of symptoms: chronic illness, aches and pains, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and digestive disorders, to name a few.

Clearing out stuck, negative emotions improves the above issues (and so much more) and creates room for positive emotions. This release of old, stagnant energy creates more flow and health for our bodies, our relationships, and our lives.

Simply said, if you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you have stuck emotions that need to be released. Once they are released, you will notice a significant improvement in your life, your health, your relationships, and basically every other area in your life.


How does it work?

Your body has meridians running through your body which is how energy travels through your body. You use RRT to release emotions stuck throughout your body.

When those clogged emotions are released, the bigger issues go away (ie stress, anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, etc.). Your energy centers become more like a blank slate instead of a clogged up toilet waiting to overflow on the next flush. 

RRT works by using simple triggers in your life to heal and release deep, core emotions in your body. 

We don’t need massive events to heal your emotions. In the most basic day, RRT shows you how to use normal occurrences to heal this stuck energy. Some basic (and common) examples include a decision your boss made, a meltdown your child had, a look your spouse gave, a comment your mother made (or even just the tone), being cut off in traffic, etc. 

RRT will release the emotions around the event so little things don’t get the best of you.


Ok, that makes sense, but how does it work? Like, what do I do?

You use 2 or 3 fingers on your right or left hand to gently tap on a series of energetic points on the face and body while verbally expressing your negative emotions. This can be done with or without a practitioner, on your own, or while tapping along with a recording.

RRT is a clearing mechanism. The negative emotions and things you are saying will not stay inside your body. When you say them while clearing, they flow through your body and are completely released.


What can I apply RRT to?

Where you have emotions, you have healing. You can use RRT for every aspect of life. 

Money, manifestation, business, relationships, stress, anxiety, fear, parenting, judgment, resentment, sadness, depression, weight/body image issues, etc. 

Where your body has a visceral response, you can use RRT. 



RRT is not EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). RRT uses similar tapping points on the face and body, but that’s where the similarity stops. EFT is a method that neutralizes negative emotions. When you neutralize the emotion, it’s still living inside of you. You may feel better for a moment, but then something happens and the emotion comes back full force. RRT is a method that eliminates/removes the stuck emotions from your body. When you eliminate the emotion, you not only feel better in the moment, but you reduce the effect triggers have on you now and in the future. They just don’t affect you the same way and your life feels easier and more peaceful.


RRT vs. Talk Therapy

RRT is NOT therapy. It does not require endless circular conversations about your issues. It does not require a 3rd party intervention to give you introspection, tasks and homework to work on yourself. It is hands-on, action-based and results oriented. Because of this, we do not focus solely on the current situation/trigger. We may start there but RRT goes so much deeper. 

RRT is NOT about the surface issue. While you may come in with one issue, the true healing comes when we go deeper. It’s not just about what’s currently going on but we use that as a starting point.


RRT vs. Changing your behavior (or other people’s behavior)

If there is one thing you will learn with RRT, it’s how quickly society gives their power away. We are constantly told how to talk in a loving manner so our partner will hear us, or how to give a ‘compliment sandwich’ so we can give constructive feedback without hurting other people’s feelings. We are told how to behave so as not to offend others. Meanwhile, we expect everyone else to behave the way we want them to so we are happy. 

For example, if your partner helped with the kids’ more, you would be more relaxed and spontaneous.

RRT teaches you true radical responsibility. 

RRT is NOT about other people. That may sound crazy, but we don’t believe that your family, your boss, or that man in traffic are to blame. They may instigate a trigger, but that trigger is reflective of something in you. It’s not your family’s responsibility to change so you are happy. You need to heal so you can meet the world where it is at. 

RRT is about using those triggering people and events in your life to get to the core issue and remove the stuck emotions attached to it.

Trust us, releasing others from expectations, and taking your power back (physically and emotionally has the power to change every aspect of your life). 


What you can expect with our RRT!

Expect to emote. In fact, emotions coming up and out during a RRT session is a great indicator of releasing core issues. It can feel uncomfortable for a moment sitting in these emotions as you learn to process them but the more you make this practice a habit, the faster and easier it becomes.

Releasing stuck emotions is big work. Your body may feel tired after. It is completely normal to feel tired, have a headache, or even feel a bit nauseous. This is totally normal. RRT is about teaching you to come back to your body. It is about noticing the cues and messages it has for you. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re hungry, eat. Drink lots of water when practicing RRT. Eating fruit on an empty stomach can also help your liver while it helps detox all this old energy.

Our bodies process emotions in different ways. It is also not uncommon during a tapping session to cough, yawn, sneeze, burp, hiccup or gag (and it’s also totally normal if you don’t). I know these things may not sound fun, but it is your body’s way of releasing energy that is no longer serving you. These things do not persist. In fact, the further you get into your tapping practice, the easier it gets. At first, you may feel tired, nauseous or foggy.

Chances are the experience you’re having is 100% normal.


Can I do this alone? Or do I need support?

You can use this method on your own. In fact, this method is meant to remove dependencies on other modalities so you can have full control of yourself, your mental health, your emotional healing and your time. 

However, there are many reasons you will want support as you go through this process.


  • Your brain is here to protect you → Your brain can literally stop you from getting to the core issues because it thinks it’s keeping you safe. While you can use this method on your own, you will probably find it is much deeper if you join the community and work through The Foundation where you can get to the core issues fast.
  • It will take much longer if you do it alone → As mentioned above, you want to get to the core so you can remove the stuck emotions fast. As opposed to therapy, which can take years, RRT is meant to bring significant healing and change at a rapid pace. This is done when you get to the core.
  • Community support is huge! → When you join the Hey U Human (HUH) CommUnity, you will be surrounded by supportive, loving people who are practicing RRT just like you! Having a community where you can ask your questions, get feedback, and see others getting results helps tremendously.
  • We help you see the things you can’t see → You only know what you know. Even after practicing this method for years, there are things we can’t see in ourselves that sometimes it’s just helpful to have someone else who can point us in the right direction. There is so much value in doing this with someone else.


Benefits of RRT 

The benefits of RRT are endless. Integrating RRT into your life will challenge much of what you know (or are conditioned to believe) about life. It will open your mind, your soul, and your energy to receive love, support, and happiness in a way that you have never experienced before.

But back on earth, here are the physical things you will experience:

  • better sleep
  • decreased or completely eliminated anxiety and depression
  • physical healing of various ailments (back pain, neck pain, digestion issues, endometriosis, acne, weight loss, freedom from addiction, infertility…)
  • improved relationships with children, spouse/partner, co-workers, etc.
  • passion for life
  • improved overall sense of wellbeing
  • improved finances
  • more joy and deeper sense of purpose in life


Want to learn the Rapid Relief Technique™ for free?

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