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The Hey U Human Story

Who is Hey U Human?

A way of life.

Hey U Human is a company, a community, dedicated to creating a different world.

A world where equity, community and connection are THE way. A world where humans understand how to do life in a way that TRULY works and feels good. A way in which we each get to curate and create our best lives possible. A world where we all rise and no one gets left behind.

It may sound like a pipe dream, but we know it’s possible. With Hey U Humans innovative teachings and implementation of new understandings we see the future. There is a lot we don’t know as humans, Hey U Human is here to fill those gaps. We are a human education company, a human wellness mecca. We are the leaders in creating greatness for both the individual and the world.

Let us show you the way.

How It Started

Once upon a time…


A dream that her life and this world could be very different.

A dream that the hard parts of being human… could be eliminated.

A dream that things like poverty, suicide, bullying, anxiety and disease didn’t have to be part of this experience.

A dream she began to make her personal reality, and then saw it work with others.

A dream she now believes can eventually be a reality for humanity.

The visionary force behind Hey U Human is our founder, Sara Longoria

Sara followed all the “rules” and checked off the boxes she thought would get her the life she dreamed of:

  • Went to School, got a degree
  • Got the job
  • Got married
  • Bought the house
  • Had kids
  • Life fell apart
  • Knew it was time to heal, but didn’t like traditional methods
  • Felt like so much of it was settling, not really getting to the root

And while there certainly were a lot of great things in her life – she wasn’t really “happy”.

She found herself thinking “Is this really it?”

Isn’t there more to life? Why is this so hard??

Her search to find the answer led to a deep understanding how she (and all hUmans) can REALLY operate in the world.

  • How to heal and evolve
  • How to overcome limitations
  • How to create the life that we truly desire
  • Discovered a new method of healing trauma, getting relief from all the things we don’t want in life
  • Became a master at creating exactly what she wanted with this new method, learned that she didn’t need to settle at all
  • Built a multi-million dollar brand with this method and teaching people how to heal and create.
  • Realized that this is so much bigger than she initially thought, it is truly how life works, the next piece to our evolutionary puzzle.

Sara combined her background in science with her knowledge of energy and her own life experience to create Hey U Human, the first Human Development Company, in order to help people like you stop settling, start living and come back to the human experience you were meant to have.

How It’s Going

Since its inception in 2020, Hey U Human has impacted tens of thousands of lives directly by helping humans create their (seemingly) impossible lives.

  • Impossible wealth goals… made possible by Hey U Human.
  • Impossible health goals… made possible by Hey U Human.
  • Impossible relationship goals… made possible by Hey U Human.
  • Impossible career goals… well, you get out drift.

We make the impossible possible, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

We’re changing the world…one human at a time.
But don’t just take our word for it. Hear their stories.
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