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What is the Weekly Wake Up?

Melissa Mellor | May 20, 2022

Hey U Human!

Reminder…life doesn’t have to be so complicated. You just haven’t been taught how life ACTUALLY works and what being human is all about.

What we know about the human experience is pretty stunted. 

It’s time to learn how to be more human. 

How to have a human experience that’s worth living (bye bye coasting through life and simply existing)

Sounds simple, right? Just be more human. Ok, got it…..

Step 1……(drawing a blank… how do I be more human?)…

Now what?

Have no fear, Hey U Human is here! And we are going to start by waking you up!

With the Weekly Wake Up!

The Weekly Wake Up is a free event inside the Hey U Human Social CommUnity. This live broadcasted service is one that you can plug into to get recharged and reenergized. 

It’s the easiest place to learn how to be more human. It’s free. It’s easy to consume. And it will expand and grow your human to its next level. And even better – it will bring you into a community that will change your life.

Sounds a bit cliché. We understand that.

But the importance of community cannot be underestimated. This CommUnity will redefine what it means to be human! 

We aren’t meant to be islands.

We aren’t meant to be surrounded by people but not fully feel seen or understood.

We aren’t meant to go at it alone.

We aren’t meant to suffer in silence.

We aren’t meant to let fear of judgment, failure, or being ostracized consume us and push us away from humanity. We are meant to be seen for who we are authentically – and it starts with a true commUNITY. 

Being a part of the Hey U Human CommUnity is super important because this is not a singular journey but a collective one.

One that will change you faster than you ever thought possible. 

It’s a movement of people who want to create a better and more connected life, full of purpose, and at the same time not have to sacrifice ANY of the fun this human experience can offer. 

Even better – it’s yours for free! 


Next Steps:

Join the Hey U Human CommUnity for free! Connect, learn and become a part of something truly different in the world.

Learn Rapid Relief Technique™ for free and start breaking this process down inside your own life.

Book a 1:1 session with a Certified Human Developer and see how quickly you can see results with this method.

Or the best possible step, join the Happy Human Membership (only $97/month) and start proactively healing yourself from the inside out. Get off the mental health hampster wheel and find emotional freedom for once and for all!