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The 4 problems in mental health right now

Sara Longoria | December 6, 2022

Let’s be honest. We are having a bigger problem with mental health than we’ve ever had before. In fact, it’s become an epidemic. People are more stressed, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed than ever.

At Hey U Human, we are passionate about addressing the mental health crises. We believe we can find relief from this issue and not just learn to cope, which is what is currently being taught. The problems we are seeing inside the mental health and human wellness space can be boiled down to four (4) key issues: (1) Lack of Understanding; (2) Repression, Recategorization and Disassociation; (3) Exclusivity; and (4) Sophisticated Avoidance.

1 – Lack Of Understanding

When it comes to our emotional health, everything that is being marketed is an incomplete understanding of our primitive emotions. While there is a ton of research and analysis on the cognitive portion of emotions, we have not focused on the process of feeling and releasing emotions in full. We have taken a cognitive approach to an emotional biological function.
We aren’t properly comparing apples to apples.
As a world we are taught very little about our emotions.
What we are taught is to get more of what you ‘want’ and avoid the emotions we don’t want. This premise has stunted our healing and evolution greatly.
It’s like knowing everything there could be to know about swimming, but never setting foot in a pool.

The Hey U Human Solution
Hey U Human has a very complex and full understanding of the human experience and emotions. It is why our healing is like nothing else out there and our results are different and lasting. We focus on the tactical emotional experience and not the cognitive understanding of an emotional experience.

2 – Repression, Recategorization and Disassociation

When we look at the core level of every other modality, they are mostly teaching a way to disconnect from an emotional experience. This is a sophisticated way to repress emotions instead of fully releasing them.
In some respects, we may have a topical emotional release, but it’s a rare methodology that knows how to move to the root of the emotion, release it and heal it.
For most people, having an emotional release only accesses the topical emotion.

As we never get to that core underlying emotion, it keeps people and communities in a constant feeling of pain and anguish (which continues to stress the body and prevents deep healing).
The issue with repression, recategorization and disassociation modalities is that using our limited understanding of emotions, people believe they are releasing core wounding. However, unless there is an emotional release, we are trying to repress or reframe an emotion. Reframing emotions doesn’t take them out of our human. It keeps those emotions under cover in our body, lying dormant, and being passed down through our energy and DNA. This perpetuates generational trauma as opposed to healing it.

The Hey U Human Solution
RRT is the only technique that simultaneously calms the nervous system (allowing the brain to relax) so individuals can feel safe while also releasing core, stored emotions and traumas. This technique allows for the targeting of the core emotions that we often do not even consciously know are there. RRT allows for a quick understanding and full release of the stored trauma and emotions that are causing issues throughout our brain, body and life.

3 – Exclusivity

The mental health arena has become one for the privileged. It is expensive, overcrowded, and hard to access if you do not have money (or a job that pays your benefits). Mental health and human wellness have become a luxury, when it should be available to all.
The current culture is one that caters to and speaks to those that understand a certain level of privilege and opportunity and to be frank, Caucasian culture.
This is an obvious issue because all humans have the right to heal. Arguably, the marginalized and oppressed require it more than the privileged. But the reality is that not all people have access to this opportunity.
From basic requirements like reliable transportation to appointments and accessibility to the proper representation and connection in sessions, there is a systemic issue around healing that needs barriers to be broken.

The Hey U Human Solution
Every single human can heal themselves with the right tools and training. We are on a mission to make this level of deep healing available to all, regardless of circumstance.
We continually work with our partners and different demographics to shift and mold our programs for all, or even create something completely new for those that need it. This is a tool that any individual can do for themselves, any time, anywhere, with minimal obstacles to overcome to see results.

4 – Sophisticated Avoidance

Therapy and mental health have used logic, cognitive processing, acceptance, coping mechanisms and regulation techniques dressed as healing. These are sophisticated repression techniques that are giving individuals relief in the moment but not a lasting change and are contributing to our unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and disempowerment as humans. We have been distracted by helping people cope instead of looking at how to remove the emotion entirely.

The Hey U Human Solution
We work with our community to unlearn all the avoidance that has been taught to us throughout our lifetime. Our systematic process teaches people how to use small agitations / triggers in their life to bring awareness to the body’s visceral response (raw emotion). RRT calms the amygdala, removing the body from a stressed state. This helps to move out of avoidance and into an emotional release without much effort.

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