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Mental Health 101 – FAQ

Sara Longoria | May 18, 2022

When it comes to mental health and wellbeing, society is STRUGGLING! It’s perplexing to us at Hey U Human. 

We have never had so many resources, education, funding, and options available to improve our mental health yet our mental health is on a continuous massive decline.

We have never had so many modalities, advice, and techniques you are ‘supposed’ to do, yet society has experienced an increasing level of unrest. We are never truly reducing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, exhaustion, or burnout.

We’re trying…..

We’re trying so damn hard.

But never achieving the elusive goal of happiness and improved mental health and wellness. 


The mental health industry is distracted. Yup, we said it!… But hear us out!

Until now, when it came to mental health and wellness the advice has been to either a) distract b) medicate or c) create a ‘healthy’ dependency. Our understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence is stunted. 

When it comes to mental health leadership, we are using techniques developed in the XXXX. While everything around us has evolved drastically since then, we are using outdated techniques to cope with life.

Humanity has evolved.

Technology has evolved.

The workforce has evolved.

Illness has evolved.

Education has evolved.

But our emotional maturity is stunted.

Our understanding of human emotions is stuck in a very primitive state. We understand that emotions are important, but we don’t know how to fully manage them.

We know how to acknowledge, repress, ignore or distract ourselves from them, but we don’t know how to resolve them.

It’s time to change the stigma around emotions and learn how to finally heal our mental health crisis.


FAQ #1 I know that emotions are important, but how do they contribute to mental health and wellness?

It is often said that the brain is the command center of our body. It drives our logical way of being.

At Hey U Human, we know that emotions are your brain’s puppeteer! Your emotions are what make your brain function (or not function). 

When you face a stimulus (regardless of the severity) your body is preprogrammed to respond. It creates a visceral response. 

It could be a laugh. It could be panic.

It could be excitement. It could be dread. 

It could feel like opportunity, or it could feel like fear.

Your visceral response is derived from emotions. That’s why two people can be in the exact same situation and have different visceral responses.

If it was purely logical and brain-centered, two separate humans would respond the same way.

Our emotions are taken from our experiences. Usually, core experiences are derived during childhood. As we all have vastly different experiences and upbringings, we all have different visceral responses to stimuli. 

When you can release the pent-up emotions beneath the surface, your body moves out of the ‘fight, flight or fawn’ response and can appreciate the situation differently. You can view a situation with clean energy as opposed to an emotional backlog.

This is true for big decisions or opportunities as well as something as simple as a flippant comment your in-law made or you read on a social media post. Your body doesn’t know the significance of where the stimuli are from. It simply responds to the emotions that are evoked.


FAQ #2 How do I stop my need for perfectionism, anxiety, depression or stress?

Similar to question #1, our body responds to stimuli and doesn’t know the significance of the source. That’s why you can be stressed about something that you LOGICALLY KNOW isn’t something you need to stress over. 

One thing we all do far too freely is LOGIC away our emotions. We do it in a split second. 

Your child has a meltdown and it’s frustrating you – your brain overrides your emotions by telling you “it’s OK, they are just 5 years old.” 

Your mother says something that annoys you. Your brain instantly takes over and obsesses over the comment, you stew over it, but never truly do anything about it (unless of course, you snap which is equally as unhealthy). 

You watch the Kardashians on TV and are ANNOYED AF about who they are and your brain instantly starts saying things like “must be nice. They are trash for getting famous for doing nothing. Must be nice to have all that money. They are ridiculous. I am not watching them, they are so annoying.”

All those thoughts are overriding CORE emotions that need to be healed. We aren’t even aware that we are repressing emotions that continue to affect our mental health and wellbeing. Believe it or not, those small outlets are the SECRET to releasing pent-up emotions quickly (without friendly fire directed towards a loved one). 

The best way to stop your monkey mind from going into overdrive is to start getting to the root of ALL TRIGGERS. From your annoying boss through to the guy who didn’t hold the door open for you in the morning. Every single trigger is evidence of an emotion that needs to be felt and healed. 


FAQ #3 How do I start releasing these old emotions?

Oh, great question! We thought you would never ask! 

This is what mental health leadership is ALL ABOUT. This is where TRUE emotional intelligence comes in.  Understanding emotions isn’t about understanding ‘acceptable’ emotions and learning how to ‘control unacceptable’ emotions. It’s about understanding and healing ALL emotions and learning how to find the root of it. 

It’s time to release old subconscious emotions that are controlling our mental health.

The next question (undoubtedly) is – how do I release things that are subconscious and by definition, I don’t know are there!?!?


THE ANSWER: The Rapid Relief Technique™.

This technique teaches you how to be an emotional investigator and will show you how to release harbored emotions that are controlling your brain’s response to stimuli (unconsciously) without having to meditate, without having to book some fancy woo-woo appointment, and without needing to rely on another person to assist you. RRT is here to release unconscious emotions so that you can live emotionally free. When these emotions are released, you no longer feel like you are a ticking time bomb or living on the edge of fear.

You can be FREE


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