Posts from November 2022

Peacefully Parenting Teens

When we think of the teenage years we might think of stress and hormones. Drama, fighting, drinking, sex, drugs, standardized tests, and a host of other things that cause our anxiety as parents to go through the roof. I know I was personally terrified of the teenage years. I was obviously a teenager. And my […]

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What are trauma triggers and how to identify them

What are trauma triggers and how to identify them. When it comes to identifying a trauma trigger first we need to understand what a trigger is, what trauma is and how they relate to our emotions as a human. Humans are very emotional creatures. We don’t like to admit it, accept it or deal with […]

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Wellness 101 – What is it and how to achieve it

Welcome to Wellness 101. At Hey U Human we have a very comprehensive, whole human view of wellness. We believe wellness goes much further than finding your inner peace, self-care and learning to love yourself. Although these are very important pieces, we believe wellness is every human’s right to be fully expressed, to decide who […]

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