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Wellness 101 – What is it and how to achieve it

Melissa Mellor | November 1, 2022

Welcome to Wellness 101.

At Hey U Human we have a very comprehensive, whole human view of wellness. We believe wellness goes much further than finding your inner peace, self-care and learning to love yourself. Although these are very important pieces, we believe wellness is every human’s right to be fully expressed, to decide who to be, what to do, and how to live while having the resources, support and opportunities to achieve this. 

It’s a mouth full, we know. But as humans we have spent far too long silo-ing wellness. What do we mean by silo-ing? Basically keeping each part of wellness separate and distinct instead of allowing them to all work together. 

Meaning, we often focus on just one part of wellness, for example our financial wellness. In focusing on this, we often put our physical and mental wellness to the side. In order for us to find true human wellness in our lives we need to start looking at the full picture and we must start at the foundational piece that all wellness builds on; YOU! Who YOU are, what YOU want and how YOU desire to create it. 

Knowing who you are and what you want IS wellness 101. If we can understand this piece, all the other pieces to our wellness journey become much easier to obtain. 

Let me break this down a bit for you. We have worked with many clients at Hey U Human who come to us burnt out and overwhelmed, mainly because they have been working on only one area of wellness. They have put all of their time and energy into building a business or forging a career, or creating the perfect family. In doing this they have sacrificed many other areas of wellness. Furthermore, they find that once they achieve this ‘thing’ they are after, this thing that will lock in happiness and wellness and make everything in life worth it, it doesn’t. 

We see this happen quite a bit with humanity. People focusing so much on one area of wellness, whether it be physical, mental, financial, or familial, just to achieve it and see that what they were after, wasn’t what they even wanted in the first place. 

We live in a world that tells us who to be, how to live, and what we want. We spend our whole lives as humans believing in this narrative and attempting to create it, sacrificing our own human wellness on the way. True wellness starts with understanding what it is you came here to experience, who you came here to be. It’s time to shift things and the shift starts with you. 


Wellness 101 is about coming back to you. Who you once were and what you once desired to create in this life. This isn’t always an easy task. We wear a lot of sweaters in life that aren’t ours and never belonged to us in the first place. Some of us have so many sweaters on we can’t even recognize the human underneath it all, the human we are actually meant to be. 

Finding true human wellness starts with taking off all the sweaters, one by one. 

It starts with looking at all the ‘shoulds’ in your life and seeing those you can eliminate. Then beginning to figure out what actually brings you happiness and doing more of that. It sounds easy in theory, but there is a lot of emotional work and deep digging that needs to occur to often answer these questions and come back to you. If you are interested in coming back to you and creating true human wellness in your life then we have the place for you. 

Our Foundation Membership inside of Hey U Human IS Wellness 101. It provides all the tools, understandings and techniques you need to start understanding who you are, what you want, and how to create it. 

It’s time to start taking off the sweaters and to remember who you once were and what you once desired to create in this amazing world. It won’t happen overnight, but it will totally be worth the journey! 

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