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Getting started with The Rapid Relief Technique™

Sara Longoria | August 11, 2022

In the previous article, we introduced the Rapid Relief Technique™, how it changes our setpoints, and about how it can work for you. If you missed the article, you can find it here. Now we’re going to talk about how the Rapid Relief Technique™ actually works in your life.

As a society, we pretty much have no idea how to deal with our emotions.

You hear a lot of buzzwords like emotional intelligence, mental health, and others. But for the most part, all of these techniques, on a grand scale, teach you to calm the emotion, and shift to something that feels better. In truth, we’re all trying to run from our emotions. We’ve been taught that crying, sadness, grief, and anger are bad. And we want to get as far away from them as possible so we can get to joy, happiness, and all the feelings that feel good.

Remember, we aren’t predisposed for things like safety, freedom, and happiness. The good news is we can change that. But the only way we change that is by actually dealing with all of these so called “heavier” emotions. We have to fully feel them and move through them.


How do you use the technique in your life?

It starts by looking at all the gunk we have inside our human. What do I mean by “gunk?” Well, as I said before, you have genes, coding, emotions, etc. from previous generations. You were inside your mother when she was inside your grandmother. So, a lot of what we have inside of us isn’t even ours. Furthermore, a lot of the emotions we have inside of us are unprocessed from childhood. We have never been taught that we have to fully process the emotion to let it go. It’s how we integrate as humans.

There’s a reason why many of us are so scared to feel our emotions. It goes back to childhood. It’s very likely that you were never allowed to fully feel your emotions, to go all the way through them, to say all the things you needed to say, or to feel all the things. Maybe you did, but you were judged for them. And so you didn’t feel safe to fully feel and express your emotions. Now you don’t want to go there. It feels bad, icky, and uncomfortable. We wonder if we will make it through or get stuck in it. Society tells us things like depression and anxiety are caused by our emotions, but they’re not. They’re caused by not feeling our emotions.

We live in a wild world right now. Maybe 100 years ago, not fully feeling our emotions worked, but it’s not working anymore.

We have stress higher than ever, anxiety higher than ever, disease higher than ever, suicide higher than ever. It’s not working. We are full of gunk and we need to get it out of our bodies. This is the cause of your stress. It’s not the outside world that’s causing your stress. Most people think it’s external. But it’s not.

We can’t change the outside world. We can’t change what people are going to do and say. Most people say we can change our reaction. But that doesn’t help. What we need to do is change what’s going on inside of us so we feel completely different. When we just change our reaction, that’s just a behavioral and surface level change.

I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say your kids are driving you crazy. Or that man over there is driving you crazy. We could say, I’m going to breathe through this. I’m going to take a couple of breaths. I’m going to react differently. But we didn’t feel the emotion. We were not actually authentic to our human selves, and what was really going on inside of us. We changed our reaction. But you know what? That’s only one piece of it. Now those emotions are still inside of us, still wreaking havoc, still causing stress, still triggering anxiety, and keeping us from being the calm, cool, collected human that we want to be. So what do we do? How can this look different?

It’s time to get it all out!

Now, you’re not going to get it all out on another person. Because the golden rule here is humans aren’t for hurting. As humans, sometimes we do slip up and hurt other humans. It happens. But they’re really not for hurting. If we can avoid hurting them, we want to avoid hurting them. This is not me giving you the free pass to go rant, rave, and rage out on everybody. No, it’s gonna be a private experience that we have. But we’re going to use these situations to get our emotions out.

Often, when we start using these situations, we find there’s a whole bunch of other things underneath them. We discover that it really wasn’t the kid or the man that bothered you. It was actually this deep, deep wounding you have from childhood where you felt like your parents never saw you, never fully loved you. Maybe they did on their own terms, but maybe you didn’t feel it. So you’ve been carrying this around and you’ve been seeing the world thinking, people don’t see me, they don’t hear me. You’ve been living your life, beating your drum, telling people to see you and hear you.

The reason people are triggering you is because you have trauma and emotions in there that need to go. They need to leave your body so those setpoints can be changed and you can actually start feeling differently, not just reacting differently. Because truly feeling differently feels so good. When that starts happening, you’re going to notice so many amazing moments where all of a sudden, something that has bothered you your entire life happens and it doesn’t bother you at all anymore. You don’t even need to react differently, because you don’t have a reaction to it.

The Rapid Relief Technique™ is not another behavioral technique. Meaning, we aren’t just shifting your reaction and choosing to react a different way. This process creates a true shift in you. As you use the Rapid Relief Technique™ in your life, you’re going to notice the things that used to bother you will no longer bother you. You’ll notice that all of a sudden, you are more motivated for things. You’ll notice things don’t seem as hard. Life gets easier and easier.

It’s truly mind blowing!


So, the first step is to begin looking at the things that are bothering or triggering you. Often, we try to focus on the good and look for all the ways we are blessed. We figure we don’t have it as badly as others. But you know what? You still have emotions. You still have feelings. And they are authentic to you. Whether or not they make sense doesn’t matter. Because here’s what you need to understand. Emotions are not rational. They are not logical. We try to make our emotions logical and rational when they are not. If we were able, as children, to fully feel our emotions, we would fully integrate as children. And it wouldn’t be such a rocky rollercoaster now, as an adult. We would still have emotions, but they would be on a much different scale than they are now.

How many times have you said something horrible to someone in the heat of the moment and you realize later you didn’t mean it? It may not have been warranted, but it was an authentic emotion for you in that moment and it needed to be processed. Which means we have to start learning to excuse ourselves when emotions get high. Remember, this is a private experience you’re going to have, but it starts with beginning to pay attention to the things that are getting to you.

This is a shift in how you do life because we are using the little things to help you clear your emotions. When you spill a glass of water and you want to scream, you actually scream instead of just breathing through it.

We don’t just acknowledge our emotions. We don’t just say I’m feeling so angry. We go down the rabbit hole. We discover it, we explore it, we see what’s there. Because often, that little moment right there is actually going to bring up stuff you didn’t even know was there. And we clear it out. This is how we start to feel more alive. This is how we start feeling better. Suddenly we feel lighter and everything starts to just change in our world.

Start looking at your life. Start noticing where you are brushing things under the rug and aren’t wanting to feel what’s authentically coming up for you. Start FEELING your feelings. I give more examples of how this can look in your life in the Rapid Relief Technique™ Accelerator course videos – click here to sign up for free.

The Rapid Relief Technique™ takes you to your core emotions faster than anything else out there. So that true healing, true transformation, and true change can happen faster than ever before.

For some of you this is very, very foreign territory we’re walking in and it can feel scary. This is why we created the Hey U Human membership. So we can help walk you through this process, be there to support you, and help you move through these emotions. This method will always be taught for free. This is information the world needs and we want to make sure everyone has access to it. But in our paid membership, we go much deeper into all of this. We teach you how to pull out all the buried emotions, understand the stuff in your past, and apply this technique to your life. We go into it ALL. Sometimes, when you start this work, you can experience a lot of resistance. This is why the membership and the community are so important because we can help you push past that resistance. We have videos and materials about moving through resistance, as well as so many other great resources.

For many of us, while growing up, our emotions felt big and scary. So we’re scared to feel. The membership is such a beautiful place, because it really allows you to start opening up in this very safe space with other people who are doing this work too. It allows you to be in a community where you aren’t judged. It allows you to really explore these emotions and understand them in bigger ways.

If you would like to join us in the membership or learn more about it, you can do so here. We would love to have you! Be sure to check out our upcoming article next week where you will learn the full Rapid Relief Technique™ and how to apply it to your life.

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