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Talking In Circles = MONEY HONEY

Melissa Mellor | October 11, 2022

One massive fail that I have seen inside the coaching, self-help, personal development, and therapy space is this…….

The more you can get people to come back….

The more money you make.

DUHHHH right?

It’s Business 101.

Client acquisition costs vs. lifetime value of a client.

Your client base is an ecosystem.

Keep providing them ‘value’ and they will keep buying.

How is that a failure?

It’s not if you are teaching people how to use Instagram or adding new products to your store.

But when it comes to helping the HUMAN….the mind, the body, the soul, the essence…

That isn’t a great business model at all.

In fact, it’s a pretty SH*TTY one.

When people NEED what you are selling…..

And you keep making money from it…

You aren’t helping them (fully).
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Not saying being IN this business is bad….
Not saying you are a bad provider if you are living this way….

but you don’t know what you don’t know.
This isn’t something that we are doing consciously.

In fact, I know some of you reading this might believe that you are doing your clients a favor (or that your coach or therapist has helped you)…..

But to truly empower your client means they don’t need you!

I totally get it.
I WAS there.
I was there for a long time (and was very profitable while doing it)…

But then I saw it so clearly. It felt gross.

How the industry serves our customers needs to be revised.
It’s a tale as old as time. It’s time for a new story!

To have a business where people have all the tools and resources to help them help themselves means that you don’t have an ‘ecosystem’ of revenue anymore.


The coaching, self-help, personal development, and therapy space is becoming based on dependency and not empowerment (even if you don’t see it yet). As humans, we have started believing that we NEED the right PERSON to help us reach our goals.

Or we NEED the right COACH to help us see what we can’t see.

Or we NEED the right THERAPIST to help process the emotions.

Or we NEED the right MENTOR to push us beyond our limits.

Ya’ll – this is 100% inside of you.

And a good HUMAN DEVELOPER can bring that out of you so you don’t NEED them to feel strong.
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So you don’t feel lost when you are alone.

So that you feel resourceful when you are in uncharted territories.

So that you feel strong when things are b.

Business. Parenting. Relationships. Career. Personal.

YOU are enough for YOU.

But that is more than a motivational quote.

That is an embodiment.
And something we truly don’t know how to do right now.

We know bits and pieces of it…

But it’s like trying to put a 1,000-piece puzzle together without the map.
Where to start?
What pieces go together?
What belongs here or there…

Humanity is SCRAMBLING.

It’s time for our humans to develop.

Not be coached. Not be mentored. Not be counseled.

Developed. Fully.

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And more importantly, how it can massively benefit you and everyone around you!

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