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How focusing on the positive is ruining your mental health

Sara Longoria | July 19, 2022

How Positive Thinking Can Ruin Your Mental Health

Positive thinking is ruining your mental health.

I know that doesn’t sound right. But it’s keeping you stuck, it’s keeping you stressed and it’s doing nothing for you. In fact, it’s keeping you in an oppressive trap.

Not that positive thinking in itself is wrong or bad. But it has been warped and transformed away from it’s original intention. Now, we are using it how it was meant to be used.

We know that positive thinking affects your cells and makes good things happen if you think positively. But the issue is that most of us have a bunch of other CRAP along with a bunch of DNA coding that isn’t exactly compatible with the positive stuff we’re trying to put in.

90% of the thoughts we think daily are the same thoughts as the day before.

The same thoughts lead to the same choices
The same choices lead to the same behaviors
The same behaviors lead to the same experiences
The same experiences produce the same emotions.

These Emotions Influence Your Personality And How You Respond To The World Around You

Our biology, our neurochemistry, our hormones, and our gene expression are equal to how we think, how we act, and how we feel.

So while we are putting a bunch of time and energy into positive thinking, we’re actually going backward.

Positive thinking is a zero sum game when you don’t do the pre-work to actually embody the positive thinking movement.

Before we become masters of positive thinking, we need to dive into the real work to eliminate all of the negative coding and then reestablish our DNA set points.

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The problem is that many people try to create a new life as the same biological person.
You receive pseudo-results that keep you motivated, but you stay oppressed because you never experience lasting results.

That’s not true transformation. That’s a lot of mental exhaustion on a subconscious level.

While positive thinking may make you feel better for a moment, there is an internal war going on. We are actually pushing down all your actual emotions, beliefs, knowledge, and negative thoughts.

You likely don’t know this is being pushed down, but you are burying core beliefs deeper and deeper inside of you (Which isn’t healthy or a form of healing).

Thoughts like:
I’m not safe
I’m not free
I’m not enough
The world is against me
People don’t see me
What I have to say doesn’t matter

The feelings that live inside of us are consistently reinforced by our trying to push away all those feelings.

We don’t want to feel and focus on the positive.
The positive is positively killing us and it is time we do things differently.

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