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All The ​BS​ White Washed Advice…

Melissa Mellor | October 17, 2022

“They” say: You just need a mindset shift.

“They” say: Where there’s a will there’s a way.

“They” say: Change your thoughts, shift your reality.

“They” say: You just need to change your life.

“They” say: If I can do it, anyone can do it.

“They” say: Anything is possible.

“They” say: You are your own limit.

“They” say: It’s not about having resources, it’s about being resourceful.


The way our world is set up is skewed and ‘they’ don’t get it!

You will see that most of the people who make these claims are white (often attractive) people. Not that they didn’t have hardships or things to overcome. Somewhere along the way, they were educated enough to become resourceful. They were encouraged enough to know that just maybe they could change things.

They also saw people, who looked like them and talked like them, do similar things, so it seemed possible.

It’s why so few people actually “make it” in industries like the coaching world… just having the courage and being resourceful isn’t actually enough.

It’s why at Hey U Human we have decided to set ourselves apart. I have never felt like a coach. The word never felt right coming out of my mouth.

Many of the business practices I was taught never felt right.

I get this is ironic coming from me. I am white. I did have privilege.

But I deeply desire CHANGE. I want something vastly different. I want to level the playing field.

When I couldn’t find the solution…

I created one.

One to unite humanity, for good…

The Human Development industry.

If you know you are here to help…

If you know you want to work with people…

If you know you are here to shift the narrative on this planet…

But what currently exists doesn’t feel right….

You need to watch this powerful video!

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