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Positive Thinking = Oppressive Thinking

Melissa Mellor | July 23, 2022

How Positive Thinking Can Be Harmful

Positive thinking is POSITIVELY killing you…

Ok maybe not POSITIVELY killing you (obviously), but it was a catchy opening so I took it.

The Power of Positive Thinking movement is one grand illusion that is working against you.

It’s keeping you stuck
It’s keeping you stressed
And it’s keeping you confused.

It’s a constant one-step forward, one step-back, equation.
And when life knocks you back two steps.
It will advance you two steps forward.

It’s an even sum game.

MEANING…..you think you are making progress, then you snap back to where you started.

Is Positive and Oppressive Thinking the Same?

The positive thinking movement is also one of the most oppressive things in our world.

It’s hard to believe that thinking positively is oppressive – but it puts you in a mind trap.
It keeps you distracted.
It keeps you ignoring things around you.
It keeps you doing ‘busy mindset work’ instead of the work that matters.

It keeps you focusing on the fluffy external work instead of digging deep into your deep emotions.

It gives you just enough relief to provide you with a micro-result.
But it is never lasting change.

We call them pseudo-results.
Because you get the mini-wins but no results
You get a mini-change but not a lasting transformation.

And those mini experiences keep you hooked.
You THINK what you are doing is working….
but you are focusing on the wrong thing.

It’s time to break that cycle!
It’s time to jump in and do the REAL WORK (not the busy work)

And it all starts by learning the Rapid Relief Technique™

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