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Your body is kinda like a toilet

Melissa Mellor | July 24, 2022

Emotions Trapped in Your Body and How to Deal with Them

For those that know me, they know I LOVE a good analogy!


And this one, it’s a good one.

(but stick with me – it get a bit 🤮​🤮​ at some points)


Right now, we are treating our body like a clogged up toilet!


We are going through life with a bunch of $H*T piling up.

We keep letting it build up, build up, and build up. 


Think about a toilet that has a disgusting toilet bowl…..

One that is full of gunk that has been sitting there for a while

(gross, right)


When you keep your toilet bowl clean, you can flush with confidence…

But when you flush that clogged toilet….

you sit and watch for a quick second to make sure that everything ‘disappears’.


Sometimes it does…

BUTTTTTTT sometimes it doesn’t.

And the panic instantly sets in. 


So, I’ll say this again 

Releasing Emotional Distress

We are treating our body like a clogged toilet.

All our pent up emotions are the CRAP that is just sitting in the bowl.

Sometimes everything is flowing fine.

Other times, we have to deal with a massive mess.

So what do you?

How do you respond to a clogged toilet?

Right now, humanity is just letting our $H*T overflow. 

We try to pretend that that overflow didn’t happen. 

Maybe use a bit of Febreze to mask the smell…

Maybe throw a towel on top to cover it up…

Maybe wait for another person to go in so you can blame them🤣​…

Maybe turn off the water supply so that the overflow doesn’t go out of control…

Maybe just walk away and don’t deal with that crap (literally and figuratively).

Rapid Relief Technique for Emotional Health

Well friends…. the Rapid Relief Technique™ (RRT) is like the plunger!

The plunger that will get rid of all that hidden backlog so that you pipes can flush that emotion easily.  So you can FLUSH with confidence!

I know this analogy is a bit gross 💩🤮​ but it’s the truth when it comes to how we are understanding our feelings.

We Are Ignoring The Core Problem

We can try to use a deodorizer to mask the smell or shut the door and pretend like it’s not there…

We can turn off the trigger at the source and avoid situations that will cause that emotional overflow

But that doesn’t mean the $H*T isn’t there.


And you have it

I have it

We all have it


Doesn’t matter if you have been in therapy for years, or you are just dipping your toe into the water, we all need a good plunger to clean out the pipes!

RRT is a life-skill that we simply haven’t learned yet.



It’s the foundation to how we can heal, exist and finally find the balance in our life that you so desperately desire to have.

So the point of this article is this – 

❌​Stop avoiding things in your life just so you aren’t triggered.

❌​Stop having unnecessary arguments because someone disappointed you.
❌​Stop creating boundaries or overworking yourself trying to create a sense of peace in your life. 

Use the Rapid Relief Technique™ and proactively remove triggers and integrate it into every single aspect of your life.


Have clean pipes and a clean sparkling toilet bowl.  Because then, you are truly unstoppable and will never have to avoid or hide from anything ever again.

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