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My Magical Morning from Hell

How to Deal with Anger and Frustration This morning, I felt like I wanted to lose my shit on someone. I didn’t just feel like I wanted to. I really wanted to. This anger had been building up and I hadn’t noticed. I’d get the feeling for a moment, and then it would go. I […]

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Feeling the Emotions

How to Deal with Anger After Divorce I didn’t hear a clink as my wedding ring dropped in the collection plate. I’d wrapped it in a note saying something to the effect of “I hope you can use this in some way for good. Sell it or give it to someone who doesn’t have a […]

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The Truth is in the Trigger

The world is doing a great job of triggering us. Right? We have no shortage of TRIGGERS that we need to deal with every single day. We were able to ignore many of the triggers for a while. But as we look at humanity, there is so much stuff coming up that it’s basically impossible […]

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The Truth About Money + Guilt

Once upon a time in a faraway land (our previous business Sara Longoria Coaching)…. We used to talk about money, a lot. Let’s be honest, money makes the world go around. It’s what fuels our desires. It’s what empowers power. It’s what creates status. Even those of us who aren’t ‘into’ money have a conditioning […]

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FAQ – Parenting 101 tips

Wouldn’t it be great if parenting came with a human manual? Kind of like getting a plant.  It comes with a tag stating what you need to do to keep it alive, watch it grow, and stay healthy and happy. As a parent, it’s easy to feel like you are totally winging it. At times, […]

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