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The 4 problems in mental health right now

Let’s be honest. We are having a bigger problem with mental health than we’ve ever had before. In fact, it’s become an epidemic. People are more stressed, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed than ever. At Hey U Human, we are passionate about addressing the mental health crises. We believe we can find relief from this issue […]

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Peacefully Parenting Teens

When we think of the teenage years we might think of stress and hormones. Drama, fighting, drinking, sex, drugs, standardized tests, and a host of other things that cause our anxiety as parents to go through the roof. I know I was personally terrified of the teenage years. I was obviously a teenager. And my […]

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What are trauma triggers and how to identify them

What are trauma triggers and how to identify them. When it comes to identifying a trauma trigger first we need to understand what a trigger is, what trauma is and how they relate to our emotions as a human. Humans are very emotional creatures. We don’t like to admit it, accept it or deal with […]

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How I Lost my Shit and Discovered the Rapid Relief Technique™

Have you ever reached your limit? Like you just can’t take any more or you are just going to scream? I feel like we have all been there. We feel like we are on the verge of just completely losing it on someone. I know I have. Often, we go through life this way. We […]

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Getting started with The Rapid Relief Technique™

In the previous article, we introduced the Rapid Relief Technique™, how it changes our setpoints, and about how it can work for you. If you missed the article, you can find it here. Now we’re going to talk about how the Rapid Relief Technique™ actually works in your life. As a society, we pretty much […]

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What is The Rapid Relief Technique™ + What it can do for you

What is the Rapid Relief Technique™ and What It Can Do for You In the simplest terms, the Rapid Relief Technique™ gives you relief from everything you don’t want in your life so you can have everything you do want. In short, it does a whole lot for you, your family, your life, and truly […]

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