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7 Basic tips to manage anxiety and stress (and why they don’t work!)

Managing Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high for just about everyone. If you are looking for basic ways to manage stress and anxiety you are likely to find the usual suspects on your quest; relax, meditate, self-care, exercise, eat healthily, think positive and reframe. These all sound great in theory, […]

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Elise Kula

I received my Therapy through Hey U Human! It Keeps me Sane AND Happy! Sara is an Amazing Speaker, she Calms me immediately. Every Wednesday, we have a standing date. ❤️

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Amber Burnwell

The biggest shifts in Transformations that I have experienced in doing this work is my confidence level and my ability to just be ME for so long. I would really try to be a chameleon and fit into and blend into what other people thought I wanted….And what I thought other people would like and […]

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Emily Geib

This app is my favorite thing!!!! The support and knowledge coming from this space is so needed and helpful! It’s a safe place to come unload and regain self-love and knowledge like humans have never seen. It’s full of accepting understanding compassionate people who get humans and all that entails. Whether you buy in or […]

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