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What are DNA Setpoints and why do they matter to you?

We talk a lot about DNA setpoints and why they matter in our world, but most people new to this world don’t know what we are talking about and how it impacts them. DNA setpoints are very relevant to you, and to you getting what you want in life.
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  • What is DNA Coding?

    If I may be so bold, you’ve been focused on the wrong thing and that’s why you aren’t where you want to be and getting the things you want. How do I know this? If you are like the majority of people in this world, you’ve been focused on trying to change your programming. We […]

  • 6 Tips for employers who want to support their employees during turbulent times

    Times are changing! The workforce has changed. Employees have changed. Our world has changed. With the impact of technology, social media, and a remote workforce, employers are faced with new challenges to retain, engage and support their staff. The world is trying to figure out how to support our people and thrive in a relatively […]

  • Being human can be rather complicated.

    The world lives in right/wrong, good/bad, black / white.  And I get it. It makes our human brain make sense of things. Because let’s be real, being human can be rather complicated.  But what if that wasn’t the way.  What if it wasn’t a blanket of right or wrong. What if it wasn’t one size […]

  • How I Lost my Shit and Discovered the Rapid Relief Technique™

    Have you ever reached your limit? Like you just can’t take any more or you are just going to scream? I feel like we have all been there. We feel like we are on the verge of just completely losing it on someone. I know I have. Often, we go through life this way. We […]

  • Getting started with The Rapid Relief Technique™

    In the previous article, we introduced the Rapid Relief Technique™, how it changes our setpoints, and about how it can work for you. If you missed the article, you can find it here. Now we’re going to talk about how the Rapid Relief Technique™ actually works in your life. As a society, we pretty much […]

  • Are you codependent (you may be surprised)

    “Do you think I’m codependent?” I asked as I sat in my therapist’s office. I was trying to recover from my recent discovery that my husband of 22 years had been cheating on me. I’m not even sure where the word ‘codependent’ came into my awareness or why it had occurred to me to ask […]

  • What is The Rapid Relief Technique™ + What it can do for you

    What is the Rapid Relief Technique™ and What It Can Do for You In the simplest terms, the Rapid Relief Technique™ gives you relief from everything you don’t want in your life so you can have everything you do want. In short, it does a whole lot for you, your family, your life, and truly […]

  • Your body is kinda like a toilet

    Emotions Trapped in Your Body and How to Deal with Them For those that know me, they know I LOVE a good analogy!   And this one, it’s a good one. (but stick with me – it get a bit 🤮​🤮​ at some points)   Right now, we are treating our body like a clogged […]

  • Positive Thinking = Oppressive Thinking

    How Positive Thinking Can Be Harmful Positive thinking is POSITIVELY killing you… Ok maybe not POSITIVELY killing you (obviously), but it was a catchy opening so I took it. The Power of Positive Thinking movement is one grand illusion that is working against you. It’s keeping you stuck It’s keeping you stressed And it’s keeping […]