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When intention and action don’t align

As I have been watching social media lately, I am filled with a TON of emotions. Between coaching industry DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, Twitch Boss suicide, and getting ready for Christmas, there just seems to be A LOT going on.
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  • The 4 problems in mental health right now

    Let’s be honest. We are having a bigger problem with mental health than we’ve ever had before. In fact, it’s become an epidemic. People are more stressed, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed than ever. At Hey U Human, we are passionate about addressing the mental health crises. We believe we can find relief from this issue […]

  • Peacefully Parenting Teens

    When we think of the teenage years we might think of stress and hormones. Drama, fighting, drinking, sex, drugs, standardized tests, and a host of other things that cause our anxiety as parents to go through the roof. I know I was personally terrified of the teenage years. I was obviously a teenager. And my […]

  • What are trauma triggers and how to identify them

    What are trauma triggers and how to identify them. When it comes to identifying a trauma trigger first we need to understand what a trigger is, what trauma is and how they relate to our emotions as a human. Humans are very emotional creatures. We don’t like to admit it, accept it or deal with […]

  • Wellness 101 – What is it and how to achieve it

    Welcome to Wellness 101. At Hey U Human we have a very comprehensive, whole human view of wellness. We believe wellness goes much further than finding your inner peace, self-care and learning to love yourself. Although these are very important pieces, we believe wellness is every human’s right to be fully expressed, to decide who […]

  • Radical Responsibility in Leadership: What does it truly mean to lead?

    In leadership, it can often feel like you are spending more time putting out fires or personnel management than growing your business. It’s not uncommon for your ‘to list’ to be ignored because you are spending so much time on internal stuff.   There are often days you likely feel like you want to burn […]

  • All The ​BS​ White Washed Advice…

    “They” say: You just need a mindset shift. “They” say: Where there’s a will there’s a way. “They” say: Change your thoughts, shift your reality. “They” say: You just need to change your life. “They” say: If I can do it, anyone can do it. “They” say: Anything is possible. “They” say: You are your […]

  • Talking In Circles = MONEY HONEY

    One massive fail that I have seen inside the coaching, self-help, personal development, and therapy space is this……. The more you can get people to come back…. The more money you make. DUHHHH right? It’s Business 101. Client acquisition costs vs. lifetime value of a client. Your client base is an ecosystem. Keep providing them […]

  • Why Therapy Doesn’t Work

    Why therapy hasn’t actually been working for you. Have you ever known those people, or maybe you are one of those people, that has been in therapy for so many years? Like basically their whole life! I feel like right now with everything going on in the world, people are becoming so much more open […]

  • What are DNA Setpoints and why do they matter to you?

    We talk a lot about DNA setpoints and why they matter in our world, but most people new to this world don’t know what we are talking about and how it impacts them. DNA setpoints are very relevant to you, and to you getting what you want in life. It’s not widely known to our […]