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Why Therapy Doesn’t Work

Sara Longoria | October 3, 2022

Why therapy hasn’t actually been working for you.

Have you ever known those people, or maybe you are one of those people, that has been in therapy for so many years? Like basically their whole life! I feel like right now with everything going on in the world, people are becoming so much more open and talking about therapy. Basically, we hear I’m in therapy, you’re in therapy, everybody should be in therapy. Right?

What’s interesting to me is some, even many, of those people have been in therapy for years and years and years and years and years. And it hasn’t really done a whole lot for them. They might be able to reason away things or explain them better. But it’s not like they’ve actually seen a whole bunch of change in their life. They still often suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, and stuff like that. They just know how to handle it better.

But what if those things could actually go away? What if stress, anxiety, depression and all these things that we fight so hard against in our world like ADHD, procrastination, etc., didn’t actually have to be part of us? What if we didn’t have to understand how to manage them, or work with them? What if they no longer affected us?

Could that actually happen? It can.

For me, and for people who know our work, it has happened. Why?

Well, because while therapy has been great and has worked for us for a long time, it’s not really working anymore. We’re desiring something much different as humans, and it requires us to go past the cognitive understanding of our emotions, and actually fully feel them, get to the core of them, completely resolve them, and see the world differently. We have to see our lives differently, and understand things differently.

We evolve through emotions. We change our DNA, yes, DNA through the feeling of our emotions. And if we don’t fully feel those emotions, and I mean, fully to the deepest layer, we stay in them. There’s always a piece left. But there doesn’t have to be a piece left.
We can evolve past it. We can evolve past depression. We can evolve past stress. We can evolve past all sorts of things, trauma, you name it, but it requires a different way of looking at life and understanding our emotions. And that’s what we teach all day, every day at Hey U Human.

So come on over, join our app. It’s free. Learn more about us. Check out our free three day course where we teach our signature method, the Rapid Relief technique, and I think you might just find what you’ve been looking for. So come join us!

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