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What are DNA Setpoints and why do they matter to you?

Sara Longoria | September 29, 2022

We talk a lot about DNA setpoints and why they matter in our world, but most people new to this world don’t know what we are talking about and how it impacts them.

DNA setpoints are very relevant to you, and to you getting what you want in life. It’s not widely known to our world, but you are pre-coded with a lot of stuff. We hear about this a little bit with genetics, diseases, and things like that. What we don’t talk a lot about is that this goes far past disease.  It affects how happy we get to be, how free we get to feel, how much love we get to accept, how much money we feel comfortable making in our world, and more. 


Understanding your DNA setpoints and how to shift them is huge.  So, what are they exactly? 

A setpoint is basically like your range of what you get to have, do, and be in this world. Think of it almost like reading your temperature on a thermometer. You have a full scale of where you can go and your setpoint is a defined point on that scale. 


It explains why you often see certain things work like magic for some people and not work at all for other people. We all have different setpoints. The good news is, we can change our setpoints. But, we don’t do it through mindset work, therapy, or the traditional modalities that people tend to use for personal growth, personal development, and healing. We really have to dive into human development,  and learn a whole new set of techniques that work to reset and eliminate the current setpoint, then reestablish the new setpoint, so it becomes the new way of being for you and your human. 


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It is possible to have all the things you want. You just need to do it a little bit differently. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

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