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Why I quit therapy (and feel better than ever before)

Ember Lynn | June 22, 2022

Diagnosed with Depression

I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 16 years old.  When I was 16, I was diagnosed with depression.  I was put in therapy and given anti-depressants.  When the current anti-depressant I was on wasn’t working, they put me on another.  I tried Prozac, Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Celexa, Zoloft, and so many more.


Nothing worked.

Or rather, I guess they did exactly what they were meant to do.  They numbed me.  I no longer felt sad.  But, I no longer felt anything.  I went through life feeling completely blah.  No more highs or lows.  Just there.

I tried several different therapists as well.  I remember one therapist asking me if anyone had ever said that being around me was like walking through mud.  Basically, my energy brought her down.  I’ve never forgotten that comment.

I knew there had to be more to life.  I knew there had to be a different experience out there.  I didn’t want to go through life numb.  I wanted to feel again.  But ultimately, I wanted to feel happy.  I wanted to feel free.  I no longer wanted to struggle through life feeling overwhelmed all of the time.  I wanted more.  But I didn’t know where to look.

How I Overcame Depression

Enter Hey U Human.  I knew the moment I found Hey U Human, this was something different.  I saw people who were truly happy.  I saw people living the life they wanted to live.  I saw people doing things they loved and creating a life out of them instead of staying in a job they didn’t enjoy.  I saw people having different relationships with their spouses and children.  I saw a glimmer of hope.


When I was in therapy, I would talk in circles.  I felt like each week it was the same topic.  It never went anywhere.  I never had the breakthrough.  I would feel better (sometimes) for a moment, but then there was no lasting change.  When I entered the Hey U Human world and learned the Rapid Relief Technique™ (RRT), a lightbulb went off.  All of a sudden, I realized why nothing else had worked before.  All of a sudden, I saw why I was scared to feel and what I needed to do to truly heal.


I’ve done so many different things in search for the answer.  I’ve done therapy, medication, energy work, hypnosis, neurofeedback, etc.  And they would help for a moment.  But now that I’ve experienced the deep healing that comes with using the Rapid Relief Technique™, I know that none of those other modalities go deep enough.  I didn’t know it until I experienced it.  When doing some breathwork, I could feel things moving or shifting.  But I didn’t feel the depth of emotion and then the immediate relief I feel when using Rapid Relief Technique™.  This method is different.  And it changed everything for me.


I will never go back to therapy.  I no longer need it.  Because I’m no longer depressed.  I am off all of my medications because I no longer need those either.  When I do need to talk to someone to process something I’m struggling with, I use one of the RRT certified practitioners.  Because they know how to see what I don’t see.  They know how to get to the core of the issue and take me there fast.


Therapy has its place.

I’m not saying it doesn’t.

In fact, I have a master’s in professional counseling.


But what I quickly realized is people get stuck in their stories.  They relapse again and again.  Change doesn’t often last because you can’t talk your way into healing your emotions.  It’s not a cognitive process.  It’s not a behavioral process.  It’s a deeply emotional process.  We haven’t been taught that.  We haven’t been taught how to feel and heal our emotions.  And that’s what Hey U Human taught me.


When I was getting my master’s in professional counseling, I interned at the RYDC (youth detention center).  I would teach the anger management class.  These teenage boys KNEW cognitively how they should react if they got angry.  They KNEW the coping skills I’d taught them.  They could recite them back to me and I’d get so excited.  And then, after class, they would go into the hallway and get into a fight.  I was so frustrated.  I couldn’t understand why that was happening because they knew what to do.  Now, I understand.


I wish I’d known RRT back then because it would’ve changed the game.  I look forward to when this work is in the prison system because I think it would completely revolutionize the justice system.

Rapid Relief Technique™ for Healing from Depression

I no longer use therapy with clients.  I use RRT.  Because I know what works.  I know what true healing and transformation feels like and I want others to feel the same.  I believe different modalities have their place.  I’ve been trained in several different ones.  They have their place and can play a part in the healing process.  The problem is we use them to try and “fix” the problem.  We use them too soon.  Everything I’ve learned and experienced (and seen others experience) has shown me that the Rapid Relief Technique™ is the foundation for healing.  It is the foundation for living a life you love.  One where you feel true happiness and joy.  Once you have been able to heal those core wounds and emotions, you can add back in things like meditation, hypnosis, etc.  But you no longer need them.  They can enhance your experience, but you no longer NEED to use them as a band-aid to feel better or get through your day.  Because you are getting through your day better than ever before.


I am so grateful for this journey.


I hope this message inspires you! Inspires you to open your eyes, to feel, to connect and to grow. And if all of that feels too big right now, I hope it inspires you to take one small step!


I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned because I finally feel like I’m experiencing life the way it was meant to be experienced.  I don’t have to write out a gratitude list every day.  I just feel grateful.  I soak it all in.  I live in the moment.  And I continue to do the work because this is the work of a lifetime.  And it’s worth every second of it.

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