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Being human can be rather complicated.

Sara Longoria | August 25, 2022

The world lives in right/wrong, good/bad, black / white. 

And I get it. It makes our human brain make sense of things. Because let’s be real, being human can be rather complicated. 

But what if that wasn’t the way. 

What if it wasn’t a blanket of right or wrong. What if it wasn’t one size fits all. 

I say this because as our company has exited from the coaching industry, I have had some people say how glad they are that I am doing the “right” thing. 

And I don’t feel that way. I don’t feel like I am leaving a world that was “wrong” and moving into a world that is “right” 

I believe l am doing what is “right” for me and that may resonate with others that feel that is their path as well. 

But it doesn’t mean that my “right” is someone else’s wrong. 

The coaching world is no longer my path. But it played a crucial role in who I am today. Each and every experience did. 

Each and every experience of my life did. Without them I would not be who I am and doing what I am doing.

So was any of that wrong? Or was it just as it was meant to be. Was it all part of my path, the plan. 

If I would have changed any of those moments, would it have changed the complete trajectory of my life? I don’t know. But it could.  

Now here is the catch. When we don’t process the emotions around the experiences, we see the experiences through the emotions. 

And that’s when we often see things in right or wrong, good or bad ways.

The emotions cloud the reality. The solutions, the TRUTH. 

This is often when we can’t see anything else. Just what we believe is wrong. And believe me, I have been there… and am still there around certain things ( human always learning over here 🥰) 

The processing of the emotions to the core is the answer. It is the things that changes it all. 

It is how we see the TRUTH. OUR truth. Not the emotionally charged “truth” that many of us are still needing to fully process so that we can fully evolve. 

And that can take a moment. A moment can be an hour. Or two years…or more. 

It’s not a linear path. But when you get to the core and finally process it, you see the Right FOR YOU. And realize that what others do may not be your path and may be wrong for you, but not for them. 

That in some crazy cosmic way, it is in fact ALL right, even the worst of it. 

And yes maybe it is time to evolve past some things and move on from many of the things we do as humans. But know that we will never get there pointing fingers. 

We will never get there talking about what is right or wrong. We will only get there though close examination of our selves and a deep understanding of our inner most emotions and how to move through them 

Because where there is judgment there is always healing needed. Where there is judgment there is always gold underneath. Where there is judgment there is always evolution on the horizon. 

And to find gold you must dig

It’s just up to you whether or not you choose to go in and dig for the gold, or stay living between the right and wrong. Good or bad and black and white. 

It is always up to us, in every situation, in every moment, it is always up to us to.

So what have you been choosing? Evolution and gold? 

Or staying in the self righteous of the right and wrong? 

It doesn’t matter either way. Both are right 🤣 it just matters whether or not it is right FOR YOU.

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