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What is DNA Coding?

Sara Longoria | September 15, 2022

If I may be so bold, you’ve been focused on the wrong thing and that’s why you aren’t where you want to be and getting the things you want. How do I know this? If you are like the majority of people in this world, you’ve been focused on trying to change your programming.

We talk a lot about programming in this world. We say things like, “I need to reprogram my brain and my subconscious.” “I need to believe this.” “I just need to focus on the positive.” And so on. You hear it all the time. It’s true that our brains are programmed. They’re basically like a computer. They have beliefs and thoughts that are programmed in. But there’s a deeper layer that we often don’t talk about, and that’s our coding, which is actually run by our lovely DNA.

Think of it like having a computer that has a hard drive and a motherboard. The hard drive is the programming piece. But the motherboard is the operating system. So, if your programming isn’t in alignment with your DNA coding, it doesn’t matter how much work you do on your programming, and on your mind, you won’t get where you want to go. It’s similar to if you had a computer and were trying to run a new program on an outdated motherboard. It isn’t going to work. It’s incompatible. At the end of the day, doing all the mindset work, therapy, positive thinking, cognitive behavioral thinking, etc. will only get you so far.

Right now, we’re doing a lot of stuff in our world to change our mindset but it’s incompatible with our DNA. Our DNA was not wired for happiness, satisfaction, love, and all of these things we want. It was wired for survival, procreation and productivity. And we have done a great job at that. But now, we are asking for more as humans, and we’re trying to do it all with just the programming piece.

We say things like, “I am happy. I am thinking positively. I’m gonna go to therapy and work through my stuff and cognitively understand why I need to forgive people.” We focus on changing our mindset. But you know what? As long as the coding and the DNA doesn’t change, we’re gonna have a disconnect. If your DNA doesn’t say “I am free, happy, loved, all of these things,” you can only go so far.

The good news is we know how to change your DNA. We know how to change those DNA set points so you become coded for the life you want. And Hey U Human, it’s what we do. So come check us out more. Come join us in our free app and learn more about how you can start changing your DNA set points. And finally, start changing your life!

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