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You Are Designed To FAIL

Melissa Mellor | July 16, 2022

How To Have The Right Mindset for Personal Development

Believe it or not, you are not biologically set up to achieve everything you deeply want.

From big things to little things, you are on the personal-development hamster wheel.

Trying to find the ‘right thing’ to make you
More satisfaction
More connectedness

And you likely have seen GLIMPSES of success, nothing has been locked into place.

And it’s frustrating as all heck…

But would it help to know that you have been DESIGNED TO FAIL at achieving these goals?


I didn’t think so

Let’s look inside your human biology – what you are made up of!
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Right now, you have a DNA set point for freedom.
This set point is basically where you typically sit.
It’s your average day…

Sometimes you are up.
Sometimes you are down.

But your set point is your average when it comes to life.
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Freedom, happiness, money, connection, body weight, calmness, you name it you have a standard.

You have a set point for freedom that keeps you feeling like you can’t be fully who you are.

We think it’s all in our head and we can change it with mindset work…

And that works for a moment, but it doesn’t actually CHANGE.

It’s all surface level.

You can fight it.
You can scream.
You can rage.
You can sit silently in sadness.
You can hate yourself.
You can revolt.

But until we change what’s going on inside, we can’t see the change and the possibility of freedom.

(I dive into this on a much deeper level inside the Freedom Masterclass. If you would like to catch the replay, click here to get it sent to you directly)

Achieve True Freedom

But at Hey U Human, we don’t sit and tell you what the problems are….
That’s for the news to do…

It’s the solution no one knew existed – until now!
Long story short, it’s the Rapid Relief Technique™

Even shorter, you are going to learn how to get to your DNA set point, and ELEVATE IT so that you can finally achieve everything you desire FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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If you are ready to live an empowered + unencumbered life without relying on healers, therapists, or expensive modalities. It’s time for you to take this next step. It’s time to create true freedom that can’t ever be taken from you.

It’s time to get off the personal-development hamster wheel and arrive at your destination – for GOOD!

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