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You Won’t BELIEVE This Lie

Sara Longoria | July 21, 2022

Understanding Our Emotions

Have you ever wondered why some things never really seem to go away?

Maybe it’s stress, anxiety, and overwhelm
Maybe it’s dating or family issues
Maybe it’s weight gain
Maybe it’s an annoying boss, customer, employee, or partner
Maybe it’s aches and pains in your body
Maybe it’s racism, oppression and discrimination
Maybe it’s depression and suicidal thoughts

On a given day, 1,000’s of things feel like a constant battle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Overcoming Our Emotions

And how are we told to overcome it?

WORK harder
TRY harder
Fight, Focus and Protest
LEARN more
TRY something new
DON’T let it get you down

This is all a lie….
These beliefs will distract you from what matters.

You need to do ONLY ONE THING to overcome ALL THE THINGS…..

FEEL more

That’s it.

But here’s the thing….
Most of us don’t know how to FEEL.

We know how to process our emotions
We know how to make space for our emotions
We know how to acknowledge our emotions

But FEELING them….

That’s a life skill most of us do not know yet.

And that life skill is the secret to life.

And like any skill you learn as an adult, it can feel clunky and awkward…
We are in uncharted territory.

(SPOILER: Learn the Rapid Relief Technique™ for free to learn how to properly FEEL your emotions so that they can finally leave your body).

But that doesn’t mean that conquering that skill is something that will set you free.


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