We are all born free…
Yet freedom feels so far away for so many of us.

We let others decide who we get to be.
We let money decide what we get to have?
We let society decide what we get to do.


It’s time to change that.

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Many spend their lives trying to figure out the keys to true freedom.

At Hey U Human we have discovered why so much of what everyone is doing isn’t working for most people.

We are a global company, with clients in over 70 countries. We have helped tens of thousands of people find liberation, heal their bodies, create more resources, and live life on their own terms.

What we know is this – creating something different in your life, like more resources, freedom, or even a better relationship…

Isn’t really about mindset, meditation or even working out your crap in therapy.

It goes much deeper… all the way to the human genome – your DNA. This is where who you are and how you get to live is basically coded into you.

It’s why you may try so many things, but only see temporary results. Or constantly have to do “certain things” to keep your feelings at bay and your life where you want it to be.

The DNA always wins. It overrides the work you have put in and lands you pretty close to where you started, leaving you scrambling and looking for the next “thing” that just might change things again.

Well, this isn’t the next “thing.”

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Heal is different.

Everything we do is different.



Heal is different.

Everything we do is different.



We have figured out how to change the set points of our DNA. What are set points? They are the coding on our DNA that basically decide…

  • Who we get to be.

  • How we get to live.

  • What we get to do.

We aren’t making this up – it’s proven and researched.

It’s science.

You have a set point of how happy, safe, free, and so on, you get to feel based on your ancestral DNA and your environment.

You can do a bit in your external world to change this, like meditation, exercise or medication, but once you stop – it’s back to that set point.

That’s why at Hey U Human, our work revolves around changing the set point.


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How do we do it?

We use our signature method, the Rapid Relief Technique™…

…paired with a few other things, to dig deep into those aspects keeping your set points where they are at, remove them, and create new set points that work much better for you.

The technique is easy. Anyone can do it. You don’t need us to do it, you can do it all on your own once you get it down. So no waiting for therapy appointments or feeling out of whack for a week with no relief in sight…

We got you.

It has led to incredible results for tens of thousands of people and a community of humans like no other.


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So what is Heal - Liberation?

…it is a space where we will take the work we do on set points

and apply it specifically to things like freedom, safety, and creating resources.

Most of us don’t feel free. Not free to be fully who we want, do what we want, and have the resources to have what we want.

We could work harder to create this, sure.

Or fight everyone who challenges our freedom… but that doesn’t sound very fun nor does it work very well.

We could complain, maybe meditate or work on some full moon rituals or manifestation practices… and maybe get a little something.

But not much would change, believe us, we have tried lots of things. It’s what led us here – to create Hey U Human and do things a different way.

So instead of trying the same old things that haven’t really worked…why don’t you join us in this incredible space for the next couple of weeks and give our way a try?
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Humans have lived for a long time without much freedom, and for most, without many resources. Hint hint – it’s why the rich keep getting richer and the rest keep staying the same. Not only is there an external system that keeps everyone pretty much in their place, but there is a very strong internal one as well.

We have to dig deep to change this coding, reset, and reestablish new set points so things begin to change in this world for you and for all the rest of us.

Liberation for all is possible. Freedom for all is possible. It’s time for a human revolution and it starts with Heal – Liberation.

Ooooh, and there is more!

When you join Heal we are also going to give you a complimentary month in our signature Hey U Human Paid Membership.

In the membership, you will have access to so many amazing things like:

  • The Foundation, where you will become efficient in the Rapid Relief Technique™ and learn how to apply it to all parts of your life to change your set points around money, relationships, health, and pretty much anything you can think of.
  • You will also have access to an incredible community of humans working on shifting their own set points and doing the real work.
  • You will also have access to the Daily Dose – your live dose of inspiration, motivation, and love each and every day LIVE with the Hey U Human team.
  • And much, much, much more!

Let’s start changing those set points so you can
live a life of true freedom.

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I'm Sara

I’m the visionary force behind Hey U Human and Heal: Liberation.


  • Went to school, got a degree
  • Got the job
  • Got married
  • Bought the house
  • Had kids
  • Life fell apart
  • Knew it was time to heal, but didn’t like traditional methods…
  • Felt like so much of it was settling with a series of band-aids, not really solving the root of the problem…

But when I got to the end, I found myself asking… Is this it?? My search for a solution led to my own awakening and deep dive into understanding how I (and hUmans in general) can REALLY operate in the world.

Combining my background in science with my knowledge of business and my own life experience, I discovered a new method of healing trauma, getting relief from all the things we don’t want in life, and became a master at creating exactly what we want.

I realized I didn’t need to settle for less than EVERYTHING — and neither do U! This led me to create Hey U Human and Heal – Liberation in order to help people stop settling, start living, and create exactly what they want in this world to bring hUmanity back together.

My clients make more money now than they did in their corporate jobs, working fewer hours and experiencing more freedom… all in a way that feels authentic and fun to them. After all, what’s life if you are not having fun?!

My method hasn’t only offered me GREAT results, but I’ve also helped other people just like you create the lives that they always thought were possible, but were never sure how to achieve.

I believe the power to create this lies completely in you… and I believe I can show you how to unlock it!

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I can’t wait to help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of!



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