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The #1 Trick Your DNA Is Playing

Melissa Mellor | July 14, 2022

Understanding True Freedom

There is something you REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT that’s happening in the world right now….

It has mostly been from the mental health, self-help, spirituality/abundance/meditation, and personal development field.

But it’s perpetuated EVERYWHERE

You are working towards an unattainable goal
(don’t shoot the messenger)

Humans have lived for a long time without much freedom.
And for most, without many resources.

Hint hint – it’s why the rich keep getting richer and the rest keep staying the same.

But beyond our outdated system, as humans, we were never programmed or coded for freedom.

Our DNA is not set up for us to achieve these things with ease.

Society keeps looking at things that are ‘theoretically’ our rights (freedom, flexibility, strong mental health, happiness, safety, etc) and thinking they are the bare minimum.

But in reality, we are not set up to live that way (yet).

Look at how we have evolved…..
If you take us back in history, to our most primitive space, it was a scary time out there.

Humans were prey.
All we needed to do to be successful was SURVIVE.

(We dive into this on a much deeper level inside the Freedom Masterclass. If you would like to catch the replay, click here to get it sent to you directly)

We were chased by lions and tigers and bears.
Someone could get stung by a bee and DIE.

No one cared if we felt ‘satisfied’ or ‘called’ or ‘activated’ or ‘happy’
If you thought about that for a SECOND, you would become food.
And that thought wasn’t even in our brains.
Our DNA was occupied with one thing – SURVIVAL

Humans learned how to conquer and become predators.
We learned how to become the king of the jungle.

In doing that, freedom and safety didn’t actually benefit us.

If we felt safe, we weren’t actually paying attention to what was going on in the world and we were killed.

The same with freedom.
If we felt free and ran around in the wild, we got killed.

Chasing True Freedom

Freedom, safety, and resources for all weren’t in our programming or coding (our DNA)

So here we are today, chasing an elusive goal that our DNA cannot comprehend.

We can talk about mindset all day long but your DNA will always override your mindset.

If you are wanting to achieve lasting transformation so it feels natural every single day….. You need to change from the inside out.

You need to change the DNA.

(We dive into this on a much deeper level inside the Freedom Masterclass. If you would like to catch the replay, click here to get it sent to you directly)

SPOILER: That’s exactly what we do at Hey U Human. We go to the deepest layer of your cells and change your DNA.

This might sound unfathomable and outlandish….
I get it!

Rewiring Your DNA

But this is THE REAL DEAL

Just because you haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

This is a brand new life skill that you are going to be taught.

And we are going to kick the whole process off inside Heal: Liberation!

The technique is easy. Anyone can do it. You don’t need us to do it, you can do it all on your own once you get it down. So no waiting for therapy appointments or feeling out of whack for a week with no relief in sight.


We teach you so that YOU, so that you have the power to support YOU!

It has led to incredible results for tens of thousands of people and a community of humans like no other.

If you rewire your DNA, you have the power to achieve anything.

We aren’t making this up – it’s proven and researched.

It’s science.

Healing and Liberation

And we are ready to break it all down for you inside Heal: Liberation (if you want all the details of what’s included click here to learn more)

If you are ready to live an empowered + unencumbered life without relying on healers, therapists, or expensive modalities. It’s time for you to take this next step. It’s time to create true freedom that can’t ever be taken from you.

It’s time to get off the personal-development hamster wheel and arrive at your destination – for GOOD!

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