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Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with You

Melissa Mellor | June 25, 2022

The Importance of Having a Fulfilling  Relationship With Yourself  

This article is all about inspiration.

I want to infuse you with a beautiful reminder!

The greatest relationship – nay, love affair – you can have in your life is with yourself!
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Your best friend…
Your confidant…
Your most reliable source..

Always comes back to YOU.

We tend to spend so much time looking for love in all the wrong places.

In our work
In our children
In our partners
In our friends
In being needed
In being a hero

We look for love and validation externally.

But the problem is that as quickly as those ‘things’ can come into your life….
They just as quickly can leave.

So we never feel like WHOLE humans.

We use external sources to fill those HOLES but when they leave or shift….
We feel empty and unwanted.

If you lose your job…
You feel like a failure.

When your children grow up and gain independence…
you no longer feel needed or wanted.

If your spouse leaves…
You don’t know unconditional love

When you seek this external validation, you are not truly internally strong. You are as strong as the people around you (and right now, humanity is hurting).

So we end up with pretty unhealthy coping mechanisms.
Crying over a bowl of chips (crying is great…. emotional eating to feel whole, not so much)
Becoming depressed
Wanting to escape reality
Getting a massage or manicure just to feel better about yourself (again, those things aren’t bad, just when used to fill a void in your life so you feel whole)
Exploding on your kids or husband….

Learn to Love Yourself

We end up relying on people in our lives to feel WHOLE and also taking our feeling of LACK out on those same people/things.

So the relationship becomes HEAVY instead of the most beautiful compliment to your life.

It’s not your fault, that’s how we are raised and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But it’s time for a shift! It’s time to break the cycle!

It’s like creating a delicious strawberry cake.

You collect all the ingredients to create a cake that is strong, delicious and has structure.

You have the flour, the butter, the eggs, the sugar.

You mix them up, bake them, and the cake has taken its form.

It stands on its own.

Then you decorate the cake with delicious icing and the most gorgeous placements of fresh strawberries.

Adding those accompaniments add flavor to the cake. It adds some elements and zest that really compliment what you are creating.

But could your cake stand and taste delicious without the strawberries?

Would the cake be strong without the eggs?
NOPE – it would lose its form the second it comes out of the cake pan.

So the question to really ask yourself is how are people showing up in your life?
Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?

Are you relying on a delicate and organic strawberry to serve in a strong foundational capacity in your life?

To become your own best friend is to have literally EVERYTHING you can ever need in your life.

That’s when you can truly start loving others unconditionally!
That’s when you can truly SEE others for where they are at in their life.

That’s when you feel strong, loved, confident, and valued even when nobody’s watching.

I want that for you!

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