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Your purpose and passion are on the other side of your fear of failure

Ember Lynn | June 28, 2022

Exploring Passions and Dreams 

When I was growing up, I tried many different things. I was in voice, dance, and piano. I was a cheerleader. I played basketball (terribly!) for a season.

I didn’t stick with any of them.

I quit ballet because I hated the tights.
I quit piano because I didn’t want to practice.
I did love voice however and continued off and on for years.

I also participated in theater all throughout high school both as a performer and behind the scenes. I still love the theater.

When it was time to get a job, I tried several.

I worked in restaurants as a server or a hostess.
I worked on a golf course as a beverage cart girl.
I went through jobs at Walgreens, a psychologist’s office, and a hair salon.
I learned how to drive a school bus.
I got my master’s degree in professional counseling thinking I wanted to be a counselor.
I sold knives for a bit.
I sold Mary Kay and Beautycounter.
I did weekend promotions at Walmart as an Axe Angel.

Needless to say, I’ve tried many things.
Society might also say I “failed” at many things. Because I didn’t stick it out.

I didn’t persevere. I wasn’t committed. Society praises those values.

But I think society has it wrong.

See, I don’t believe in failure.

I believe every experience we have is a step in our path. Every experience is a learning opportunity. And learning what you don’t enjoy doing is just as important as learning what you do enjoy doing.

Quitting Doesn’t Mean Failure

When my daughter was young, she started playing softball. She was a rockstar pitcher. I loved watching her play. I never did sports so watching her was exhilarating. I remember seeing someone bring out the speed gun to see how fast her pitches were because she would throw the ball so fast.

The day she told me she wanted to quit; I was devastated. I loved watching her play. My mom kept telling me, “Don’t let her quit. She needs to learn to stick it out. She needs to learn to commit to something.” She told me she always regretted letting me quit things (hello guilt for quitting). I felt such an internal battle because I heard society’s (and my mom’s) voice on the one hand saying don’t let her quit. Teach her if she makes a commitment she follows through with it. Teach her to stick with something.

But on the other hand, I had found this amazing Hey U Human CommUnity where I’d learned that quitting isn’t bad. In fact, “failure” isn’t bad. The reason so many people are miserable is because they aren’t following their soul desires. They are sticking it out. They are staying committed. We are praising the wrong virtues.

What if it was braver to go after your dreams than commit to a “safe” job for 50 years so you can retire?

What if having many different experiences allows you to finally find what you love to do? We only figure out we truly don’t love something by jumping in and trying it.

So, it’s only inevitable that if we are jumping in and trying new things, we may not like all of them. And we might quit. But it means nothing about us. If anything, it means we are brave enough to try something new and put ourselves out there.

Fear often stops us in our tracks. Fear of what others will think. Fear of it not working out. Fear of looking stupid. Fear we will try something only to find out we don’t like it. Fear we will fail.

After a lot of thinking (and using the Rapid Relief Technique™ to clear ALL my emotions around letting her quit), I finally asked my daughter if she wanted to quit because it had gotten hard or if she wanted to quit because her heart was no longer in it.

She said her heart was no longer in it.

And I let her quit (as if I really had a choice in the matter).

Now, she is killing it in the theater program at her school. She has done several musicals with the school as well as with the local community theater. She is about to enter her senior year and wants to attend a conservatory for college so she can focus on musical theater. Her dream is to be on Broadway.

She is loving every minute of it. I can see how she lights up on stage. None of this would have happened if I’d forced her to stick it out with softball. If I hadn’t given her the freedom to listen to what her heart was telling her and find something she loved.

What about me?

Well, I finally was able to tap out all of my fears of failure. My fears around starting again. Or something not working out. I’d been at a school working in the office for 10 years when I realized my heart was no longer in it. I wanted something different. I didn’t know what yet, but I knew I wanted something different.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Life

After 11 years at the job, I quit. I gave notice not having a clue what was next but trusting the universe had something amazing in store for me.

Now, I’m living my dream life. I work full time from home (mostly from my bed or the pool). I have the privilege of working with the most amazing team of women I’ve ever worked with. I get to truly help humanity and make the world a better place by sharing this work, the Rapid Relief Technique™, and everything else we do at Hey U Human with others.

My life isn’t for everyone. You might dream of a quiet life in the country where you live off the land. You might dream of becoming a teacher and helping shape the minds of our children. You might dream of starting your own business. YOU are the only person who knows what you want to do. What you LOVE to do. If you could do absolutely anything, what would you do? If you don’t know, I guarantee there’s fear there. A fear of failure. A fear it won’t work out. A fear others will judge you. Or maybe even a fear of disappointment. Use those fears. Go into them and use the Rapid Relief Technique™ to get them out.

We aren’t in this life to be committed, dedicated, and stick it out.

We are here to live a life full of passion and purpose. We are here to experience everything we want to experience. Not what others think or say you should experience. What YOU want to experience.

Your life is yours.

How do you want to spend it? If you are interested in expanding your mind and opening yourself up to a world of possibility, I invite you to join the Hey U Human community. Your life will change for the better in every single way.

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