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6 Tips for employers who want to support their employees during turbulent times

Melissa Mellor | September 1, 2022

Times are changing! The workforce has changed. Employees have changed. Our world has changed. With the impact of technology, social media, and a remote workforce, employers are faced with new challenges to retain, engage and support their staff.

The world is trying to figure out how to support our people and thrive in a relatively unstable society. There is a core component that seems to be overlooked.

We have preconceived notions about how the employee-employer relationship should look. We must start dropping some of these ‘old school’ modalities/standards to make the ‘new world workforce’ work.

It’s like we are trying to put an old car engine into a Tesla. It simply won’t work. We can try to scab it together, but at a certain point we need to scrap everything we know and open our eyes to something new.

I fully acknowledge that this is easier said than done. It requires a great degree of trust, radical responsibility, and innovation. But if you desire to be a workplace of the future, this is the article for you. What got us here is not going to take us where we want to go.

Employers can no longer expect their people to “check their personal life at the door.” We are full humans who are overstimulated. I have shared my top 6 tips for employers that want to support their employees when outside distractions can take their attention.

If you are ready to drop all the ‘old’ ways of doing things, and create a workplace that supports its staff at its deepest level (without becoming a massive cost center), pay attention to these key tips.


This may be a bold statement, but the mental health industry has distracted us. To best support our staff, we need to move past the ‘cliché’ advice from mental health. Most modalities don’t teach us how to fully understand emotions vs feelings. If our emotions are not fully felt and released, we are not going to get better. Typically, we are just learning how to create more space for emotional trauma to live. Thus, the mental health epidemic that we are faced with.

Honestly, this sounds simple but it’s the equivalent of learning how to skate as an adult. It’s going to be a bit clunky in the beginning. It’s a life skill that most haven’t developed yet.


Emotions originate deep inside our body. We can try to ‘react’ differently but our body has a natural response to stimuli. Once that response kicks in, our brain will try to change our reaction but we cannot change it at our core without healing. We need to heal at the root and not at a topical level.

Think of the task of removing a tree.

If you only trim the branches, you will not be removing the tree at all. In fact, the tree will continue to grow new branches and get taller.

However, if you take the tree out at the root, it won’t grow anymore.

Our mental health is the same way. Right now, we are focusing on treating the surface level issues. But the core issue still exists; thus your body’s visceral response does not change.

The magical part of getting to the root is that when you clear the root, and heal one core emotion, it has a ripple effect throughout your entire existence. You no longer have to heal situation by situation. But core emotion by core emotion.

Your healing becomes exponentially faster.


At Hey U Human, we use the Rapid Relief Technique™ to understand the true root cause of emotional intelligence.

As an employer, this will enable you to understand not just people’s physical outputs but also their emotional core, what makes them tick, where their wounding is, and most importantly, how to heal it so you aren’t pandering to it.

We always advise people to use the Rapid Relief Technique to support the mental health of their staff to achieve emotional freedom in these crazy times.

As referenced above, getting to the root of an emotion is so important – but it’s difficult to do without the Rapid Relief Technique™. Often, we react and release emotions on a topical level, but we don’t understand why they are there in the first place. Thus, feeling like you’re emotionally spiraling. You’re allowing emotions to flow, but you’re not fully healing them, putting you in an emotional trap. The Rapid Relief Technique™ helps to access that root emotion quickly and clear it so you’re no longer in that emotional trap.

This is an important practice for both employees and leaders. It’s a life skill that we need to develop.

We practice this at our leadership level and teach other companies how to employ it in their workplace. If employers truly want to support their staff, you need to understand Root Cause Emotional Intelligence. Believe it or not, this understanding will create a more productive and engaged workforce.


One thing we need to understand is that crazy events like this will activate latent emotions. Emotions are not logical. Our emotions and our brain are independent functions, yet mental health practices focus on our brain. So often, our brain takes over our emotions and tries to logic our emotions away.

Our emotions are not logical. .

To support employees differently is to support their healing (not their coping).

From a young age, we are taught how to cognitively understand our emotions, but very few of us know how to release them fully. It is not a natural skill for us as adults, especially with the stigma around emotions and what is considered “good” and “bad” emotions. Now, as adults, we are dealing with big emotions and don’t know how to feel and release them properly.

Using the Rapid Relief Technique™ (you can learn RRT for free right here), employers are in a unique position to support healing our mental health crises and create truly happy and engaged humans. And that is always a significant business investment.

It’s like your company is holding the secret to happiness.


The workforce has changed. Employees have changed. We need to start changing how we relate to employees, support, healing and culture.

Hey U Human, we have a completely different leadership model for supporting mental health.
We have mentioned it a few times now (sorry, we love this topic) but we practice Root Cause Emotional Intelligence and have implemented the Rapid Relief Technique™ into our leadership and employee values.

It allows us to speak to the core driver in our employee’s work. It enables us to practice radical responsibility. It allows us to support mental health healing and expand the whole human inside the place of work.

It’s an irreplaceable experience.

When people are not burdened by immense emotional baggage, to any degree, it makes business so much easier. It becomes easier to trust, engage, communicate, and lead. The whole cycle of your business is easy and organic. It’s a positive employee experience for all.

This is a new concept. It is not about our brain. This practice is less about understanding what people are displaying on the outside but the root emotion that causes their body’s natural reaction. When you can understand and engage the whole human, they feel safe, seen, heard, valued, and validated every day. This is where supporting mental health shifts from a ‘treatment’ action to an actual ‘healing’ action (healing meaning that the flare ups are actually being reduced).

Employees don’t want more money – they want to be valued.
Employees don’t want more holiday time – they want freedom.
Employees don’t want more benefits – they want to know how to heal.
Employees don’t want awards – they want to be validated.
Employees don’t want to create boundaries – they want their mental health to feel protected.

What got us here won’t take us where we want to go. Employers need to understand that they are hiring the WHOLE human – flaws and all – and not just the parts that they get direct benefit from. Employers are deeply trying to support their staff, but the lens through which we ‘support’ them needs to change.


Too many people waste their lives going to work, being frustrated, and having deteriorating mental health issues that are constantly getting worse. They feel constant stress and anxiety, are doing what they hate, etc.

Supporting mental health is no longer about an Employee Assistance Program or being a flexible workplace. If you want to be different, you need to support mental health by seeing and supporting the whole human.

This requires work for both the staff and the leaders. We teach, lead, model, live, and die by this concept.

It’s different from what is out there.

But we are living in very different times.

What got us here won’t take us where we want to go. We need something different.

That someTHING different is the Rapid Relief Technique™ (you can learn RRT for free right here).

If you are a leader, executive, HR professional and/or entrepreneur and you want to know more about implementing the Rapid Relief Technique™ in your business, contact us today.

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