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She Was 12 years old, got pregnant, and had no idea how it happened

Sara Longoria | July 20, 2022

Having the Freedom to Choose

I want to share a deeply personal story with you.

I want to preface this post by saying this isn’t about pro-choice vs. pro-life

This is about being PRO-LOVE and how understanding how our privilege and inability to challenge our own beliefs have added to the fiery world we are in.

This story is about me coming down from my privilege and seeing the world through another person’s lens.

It’s a reminder.

On July 2, I went live on my personal Facebook Page and shared a story with the world.
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This was a story about how a young girl — at the age of 12 — got pregnant and she had literally no idea how it could happen.

She was not told ANYTHING about sex, procreation, or sexual health.

In fact, what she was told was that she COULDN’T get pregnant unless she was married.

This young, beautiful, sweet, naïve young woman thought that literally meant that she COULD NOT get pregnant before being married.

It couldn’t happen. As long as she was unmarried, she couldn’t get pregnant.

And this lack of information put her in a very difficult position.

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The Power Within Your Body 

This experience has stayed with me for my entire life.

It moved me.

It made me realize how privileged I was to have information, to have a say, to have basic education.

And in the times we are in right now…

It makes me so sad for ALL WOMEN who are just like this young 12-year-old girl.

Women who do not know the power of your body (yes, you likely know how babies are made 🤣🤣 but there is a power inside of you that is so much greater than you know).

Women today do not know about this power.

They were never educated on their freedom from within
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It’s time to open our eyes, friends.
It’s time to KNOW our power as a woman.

Even though you personally may not have been in a situation like that young girl, I can guarantee you don’t know your power as a woman (yet).

Because your mother didn’t know.
Because her mother didn’t know.

This was a knowledge that was scrubbed from history a long time ago.

But you can feel that fire inside of you right now.
It’s time to claim what is rightfully yours.


And I will say it again – FREEDOM.

Once you know, you know!
I want to invite you to break free.

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