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The Truth is in the Trigger

Melissa Mellor | June 10, 2022

The world is doing a great job of triggering us.

We have no shortage of TRIGGERS that we need to deal with every single day.

We were able to ignore many of the triggers for a while. But as we look at humanity, there is so much stuff coming up that it’s basically impossible to ignore.

Some of you who have been in our free community for a while might see things differently. But for the bulk of the population, this is a very triggering time in our lives.

We are watching people triggered across the board. Government, race, gender, COVID, Monkeypox, shootings, lawsuits, Facebook posts, school bullies, an annoying co-worker… even a call too early in the morning (or too late at night)…


And now, we are catering to the trigger.
We believe the trigger is the truth.

The trigger is not the truth. The truth is within the trigger.

One more time, but louder for the cheap seats….

A lot of us are falling for the trigger being the truth. We see a lot of people “speaking their truth” and we see it and don’t believe it.

At Hey U Human, this is our area of expertise and what we can see is emotional wounding.

The way our bodies work and the reality we see is based on what our neuropeptides allow us to see based on our experiences and emotions. The experiences we have had in this life, the experiences our parents passed down to us, or experiences we might have had in other lives form what we see.

This is confusing to us humans. The truth of who we are and how we want to live this life is in the trigger.

As a society, we want people to cater to our triggers. But as long as there is still emotion there, we are never going to see different results.

We are seeing this now in the world. It’s like we’ve been putting on this show and now we are behind the scenes and see that’s not really what’s happening.

We’ve put all of these policies in place and it’s like in the last few years the curtain has been pulled back. It’s like the Wizard of Oz. Everyone is all about the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, but when you pull back the curtain he’s not really a great wizard.

This is very much what’s happening now.

The curtain has been pulled back and we are seeing all the things going on for what they are. And we realize we actually haven’t solved any of these problems.

Racism and inequality are running rampant in our world.
Mental health is shit.
People are falling apart.
Humans are shooting other humans.
Crime is going up.
Kids are more anxious and overwhelmed than ever before.
Humanity is simply not happy.

We haven’t really done anything.

We’ve checked all of the boxes but we aren’t seeing anything differently.

Why aren’t we seeing anything differently?

Because we haven’t gone into the emotions.

The truth is in the trigger. The trigger is showing you what needs to be healed within so you can finally see the truth.

We need to stop running from triggers and put up boundaries and start asking ourselves WHY we are being triggered.

Ok, the world is shit right now….. But what does that reveal about our own emotions? Why does a conversation turn into a hostile fight? Why does constructive criticism feel like the end of the world? Why are we in overdrive trigger mode?

Because the trigger is simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. The trigger is not THE THING. So while we are running around trying to avoid triggers, we are completely distracted from the real issue. The core emotion.

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