Episode 13 – Frequently Felt Fears

November 28, 2022 by Hey U Human

Episode Notes:

Today’s episode is all about frequently felt fears of this deeper emotional work. We’re kind of new and we do weird things over at Hey U Human!

0:02: The frequently felt fears of this work.

2:21: Emotions are scary. If you allow yourself to feel them, you will be hysterical.

3:49: Emotions are how we get to where we are.

5:24: Imagine every hurt from the day you’ve been born as a rock.

7:23: The problem is you’re scared because it has been normalized to feel the way you feel.

11:53: What if I change? What if you change?

14:00: You’re the caterpillar that’s going into the cocoon.

16:25: Emotions are one of the most transformative experiences you’ll ever have.

18:22: Will it work for you?

20:32: How the rapid relief technique is simple.

Thank you so much for spending this time with us.

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