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but with a whole lot of fun!


but with a whole lot of fun!

We all know we have "stuff."

We all know it’s keeping us from doing the things, being the person, and having the happiness we desire.


Discover a new way to do life and how to be human without the stress, anxiety, and struggle and become who you are trUly meant to be.

Life is meant to be LIVED.

Yet most of us are just trying to make it through the day, which is no fun at all! And NOT the human experience you signed up for.

Let’s kick the stress and struggle to the curb, take control back of our life, and start living again. It’s time to love, it’s time to laugh (even in this crazy world), it’s time to understand what the heck is going on, and how to handle this human experience.

It’s time to wake up in the morning excited about the prospect of your day and go to sleep with a smile on your face.


We have all been told life is supposed to be this happy land of goodness and plenty. Yet, so few of us have ever created that (except maybe on our Instagram feed). So what’s the deal? Is it even possible?

YES, but not without a few tools and understandings that are new to us humans. Yes, that’s right, the work we do at Hey U Human isn’t the same old same old. It is new cutting-edge information, understanding, and tools that you need to get over the stuff holding you back and create the life you want. And to do it all in a way that is fun and easy — but backed by science so you get real results fast.

Everything starts with our membership, where we have put all our goodness into one place for you to consume. Think of it as Netflix for the soul, showing you LITERALLY the foundation to the new way to hUman… did we mention there was a new way? Well there is, and the membership is a MUST in order to upgrade your hUman experience, eliminate the struggle and create the life you know is meant for you, in the EASIEST possible way.

From there, we take the foundational work and apply it to all areas of life allowing you to continue to expand, explore and evolve in this amazing hUman experience.

It’s time to stop coping. It’s time to stop managing all the hard parts of being human. It’s time to kick them to the curb once and for all. And the Hey U Human membership will show you the way.


Choose Your Healing Adventure

Because healing, coming back to YOU, and creating a life on your terms IS THE ADVENTURE. The adventure of a lifetime, YOUR lifetime. Just like the old  “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, you get to decide how this goes! We have plenty of options and it’s up to you to see what suits you best! Because after all… this is YOUR adventure. 

The Happy Human Membership

A membership that heals the whole human and happens to be a whole lot of fun! The Membership is the central space to become truly happy in ALL the things – like parenting, work, money and so much more.

The membership has been designed to remove everything standing in your way of total human happiness. We know, it sounds far fetched, but after 10 years of research, testing and refinement, we know it works. This membership was created because so many of the things out there, weren’t working fully. It felt like we were missing something, and sure enough, we were. The membership brings together all the pieces needed for long-lasting happiness in all areas of life.

The wait is over! It’s time for you to become the happiest person in the room!

When you have a rock-solid foundation, you can blast off to anywhere and become anything — but it all starts here.

Join The Membership

The VIP Happy Human Membership

Are you desiring more support, more guidance, and ‘your person’ to point out blocks and push you beyond your limits? Then the Happy Human VIP Membership is for you! This is personalized support, total accountability, eliminated excuses and rapid results.

You know when you feel stuck but you don’t know what to do to move ahead? Like an itch, you need to scratch, but you can’t quite reach it.

Well, that’s a major obstacle in our healing journey and one that prevents most people from getting unstuck. Becuase you don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t see what you have been trained to forget.

Enter the VIP Happy Human Membership. Where you get a dedicated Certified Human Developer that you meet with 2x a month to take you where you didn’t even know you needed to go.

Break through your upper limits with the VIP Happy Human Membership.

Join The VIP Membership

“I received my Therapy through Hey U Human! It Keeps me Sane AND Happy! Sara is an Amazing Speaker, she Calms me immediately. Every Wednesday, we have a standing date.”

Elise Kula

“The biggest shifts in Transformations that I have experienced in doing this work is my confidence level and my ability to just be ME for so long. I would really try to be a chameleon and fit into and blend into what other people thought I wanted….And what I thought other people would like and not really be my true authentic self. After going through the program, there’s just been such a shift in owning who I am, loving who I am and just being who I am and being okay with celebrating myself and it’s just. It’s just been such a huge relief to just feel that love, that acceptance in the confidence in who I am and not try to change who I am to please other people.”

Amber Burnwell

“This app is my favorite thing!!!! The support and knowledge coming from this space is so needed and helpful! It’s a safe place to come unload and regain self-love and knowledge like humans have never seen. It’s full of accepting understanding compassionate people who get humans and all that entails.”

Emily Geib

1:1 Support

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut through all the crap and have someone reach deep in and pull out all your gunk so you can finally live free and happy? A level of support that doesn’t require multiple weekly 60-minute sessions that costs thousands of dollars and not nearly the same degree of results? Book a 1:1 Session with one of our Level 2 RRT Certified Practitioners to experience healing like never before. With over 100 hours of education, training, and assessments, these practitioners have been expertly trained to bypass your subconscious blocks to access and release core emotions holding you back. Blast through your biggest blocks with our trained professionals. This is like 5 years of therapy in one hour. Give it a try!

Book a 1:1 Session

The (FREE) CommUnity

The best place on the web to be hUman — a free CommUnity to connect with other humans who are ready to stop settling for less than everything they want.

It’s a community to share your experiences and connect with others as you figure out this interesting journey we call life.

A place filled with resources to help you start understanding WTF is actually going on, how it all works, and how to hUman a new way… yes there is a NEW way! We’ve got the goods, now come and get them! Sign up and create your free account today.

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Learn The Technique (for FREE)

Frustrated that you can’t seem to live the life you know you’re meant for?

Find yourself wondering… is this all there is?

Feel like you might just be missing a piece to the puzzle?

Ready to stop holding yourself back and bust through the crap weighing you down once and for all?

Learn the revolutionary technique that is the next generation of mental health and human wellness!


Learn for FREE!

Get Certified

Become certified in our groundbreaking Rapid Relief Technique™ and take your impact to new heights.  While most practitioners are teaching people to ‘deal with their emotions’ – the Rapid Relief Technique™ teaches you how to heal your emotions. 

You will have a tool that will create a lasting impact with the people you connect with so they are fully supported, enabled, and empowered (vs. reliant, dependent, and full of self-doubt). 

By integrating the Rapid Relief Technique™ into your practice, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a level of service and support that they’ve never experienced before. You’ll learn how to truly remove old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, deep emotional wounds, physical and emotional trauma, self-hate, and all other emotions standing between your client and the life they desire. 

The Certification program is available to support all modalities, professions and/or service providers. Doesn’t matter if you are a coach or teacher, an entrepreneur or leader, a doctor or therapist, or anything in between, if you work with humans with emotions, the Rapid Relief Technique™ certification program is for you.

Get Certified

Business & Partnerships

Ready to be a ‘people first’ organization that is full of fun, connection, and energy and supports mental health and human wellness?

Anyone can SAY it. Not everyone can DO it!

Become a true employer of choice that can actually support mental health and wellness (without it drastically impacting your bottom line). 

There is a new way for you and your employees to have fun at work while also fostering accountability, engagement, and ingenuity, and eliminate stress and anxiety from your lives for good (even when the source of this stress isn’t directly tied to the workplace). 

Let us show you how to create a workplace that people are excited to show up to.

Work With Us!

Your adventure is waiting…

It’s time to start healing, and have some fun while doing it!