Episode 22 - Happiness Through Commercialism - Hey U Human

Episode 22 – Happiness Through Commercialism

January 30, 2023 by Hey U Human

Episode Notes:

In this episode, we talk about commercialism’s impact on humanity.
1:36 – We are in the highest point of consumerism in a given year. There is so much marketing and obligation around consuming.
2:58 – We think that we have “active will”.
5:28 – We’re just supposed to stay in our place.
8:18 – It’s a subtle clusterfuck that you can’t put your finger on.
9:48 – The amount of distrust that has arisen as a byproduct of feeling scammed or taken advantage of.
11:55 – The problem is that until we do the emotional work, until we find the true happiness inside all of these things will keep being a false illusion.
13:57- Become the creator and the controller of your life.
15:52- When you check in with your body, you realize how draining the life you have created is.

Thank you so much for spending this time with us.

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