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The Truth About Money + Guilt

Melissa Mellor | June 10, 2022

Once upon a time in a faraway land (our previous business Sara Longoria Coaching)….
We used to talk about money, a lot.
Let’s be honest, money makes the world go around.
It’s what fuels our desires.
It’s what empowers power.
It’s what creates status.

Even those of us who aren’t ‘into’ money have a conditioning around what money means.

We all have conditioned beliefs around money, what it means, how to get it, what it means if you want it, how you spend it, and how you make it.

And where there is conditioning, there is the Rapid Relief Technique™

For a while, we stopped talking about money.
This was a conscious decision.

And here’s why:

I always knew I wanted to have a ton of money.
When I was making it, it was amazing.
It was freedom, it was safety, and it felt so good.

But something I wasn’t expecting was the immense amount of guilt that came with it.

It wasn’t conscious in the beginning, but I used the Rapid Relief Technique™ to get to the CORE emotion of guilt….

Guilt for having more than others.
Guilt for it being easier than others.
Guilt for still wanting more.
As the money grew, the guilt grew.

I did A LOT of work around this. I tried to get to the root cause to heal this wounding. I did ALL THE THINGS. I went deep with the Rapid Relief Technique™. I had 1:1 sessions trying to discover where this guilt was originating from.

I processed all the emotions and limits around this… but it kept coming back.

And that’s NOT how Rapid Relief Technique™ works. The Rapid Relief Technique™ removes and heals those core emotions fast. I knew I was missing the mark.

When emotions and limits keep coming back, there is often something much much deeper that I am not wanting to look at.


The personal development world and many coaches just told me I needed to feel worthy of it. Clear my limiting beliefs. Anchor into new receiving energy. Allow the support in. Drop the conditioning around how easy it is.

But that didn’t feel right.

Because I’ll be honest…..I feel F*CKING deserving and worthy of ALL the money and support. I always have. I have this belief at my core.

And I couldn’t put my finger on it.

It took me being quiet for a bit to see things clearly. I needed to completely detach from the personal development and coaching world to finally see it.

To understand the guilt.

It wasn’t in the amount of money. In how easily it was being made. Or the fact that I was making it…..

But instead it was about how I was making it.


Something was off about money – and there it was.

The HOW I was making money was the thing.

And wow – was this tiny realization like opening pandora’s box.

This is where the vulnerability part comes in…
I will be 110% honest…..
The ‘old’ way of making money in the coaching space was feeding into the marginalization and oppression of other humans.

In a way that was rooted in hype, fear, and the dopamine hijacking of people’s brains.

It was a form of biological manipulation that was ‘acceptable’ by the coaching industry (and honestly, by most of the marketing industry too).

I couldn’t see it at first…

Or let’s be honest……

I didn’t want to BELIEVE that I was a part of the problem.
That my previous company and how we operate had fallen right into this age old practice.

This age old marketing way. And that in doing this and operating in this way…

I really felt like WE were doing something different.
And at that time, we simply weren’t.
And that was like a knife in my heart!

We maybe had a different color wrapping paper – but it was the same thing beneath the surface.

It was almost like I was gaslighting myself!

I was no different than the patriarchy that I was trying to break free of even though I was trying to create something different. I was feeding right into the age old ways of toxic capitalism and oppression to “get rich.”

It was the same dance, just a different dress.

In that moment, it became VERY CLEAR what the next evolution of our business would be.

To exit the coaching/personal development industry, immediately.

I couldn’t feed into this system anymore.
I wanted to do things differently.
I wanted to be a true example of emotional freedom – a full 360-degree example of emotional freedom.

And to be perfectly honest, that was one of the scariest business decisions I have ever made.

I literally walked away from a business model that was practically an ATM machine.

And started from ground zero, again!
But now I had staff and payroll to consider.

It was a movement into uncharted territory.

It would have been easy to ignore this feeling.
I very well could have stayed in what I knew worked.

But my intuition was speaking to me (ok….. She was screaming at me).

Change needed to happen! And it did.

So we took a very profitable business…. And turned off the tap.

And built something brand new (welcome to Hey U Human)!
Which was a journey of trust, intuition, vulnerability, trust, openness and did I mention trust??

So why am I sharing this?…..

Firstly — I am always open, honest and transparent with all of you. This comes with milestones of every capacity (not just the shiny ones).

As our team learns and grows, so should each of you that take the time to be involved in our community. Once you know better, you do better. And that’s at the core of Hey U Human.

But even more importantly, I share this because I hear people often talking about the guilt they feel around what they have but they can’t quite figure out why.

The coaching and personal development space does a great job of charging a premium price to figure out your WHY for you. When you are confused, you spend money to find the solution.

When you get a glimpse of what you desire (ie that dopamine hit), you keep coming back for more! Why do you think you feel so good inside a mastermind, but fall into old habits once you have left that energy?

It’s manufactured. It is manipulating you to keep coming back for more.
It’s not true emotional freedom!

Very few people are willing to publicly admit what I am sharing now.
Because it means that for a while, I was wrong.

But, I went deep. I cleared the root emotions. I healed myself at the core. And I could very clearly see what the next steps needed to be.

I took a good hard look in the mirror and saw something I simply couldn’t ignore any longer.

There is nothing wrong with where I was. Before I could see it, I just didn’t know. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

So if this is where you are at right now – do not worry. You are not a bad person! You may not be ready yet to make the bold moves.

But once you open your eyes, energy, and mind to a way to truly strengthen humanity….

There is no going back!

And if/when you are ready, I want to invite you to use the Rapid Relief Technique™ to explore (and heal) all the emotions around you. There will be lots. Some that make sense and some that don’t (remember, emotions are not logical).

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