Episode 16 – The Butterfly Effect of Happiness

December 19, 2022 by Hey U Human

Episode Notes:

Today we are talking about the butterfly effect in terms of happiness. And in terms of the emotional work that we talk about in our in our Hey U Human world.

2:00: Most of us are “doggy-paddling”.

3:53: Drilling down to the core of our emotions.

6:28: We don’t understand how to integrate and develop emotions as children.

8:31: When you are in your element and overtaken by emotions, it is the deepest form of personal discovery.

10:15: It’s easy to parent a perfect child that never triggers you, but when your child triggers you that’s when they need you.

12:09: It’s never too late to start integrating your emotions into your life.

14:15: The butterfly effect and how it works.

15:47: We’ve never done this as humans.

Thank you so much for spending this time with us.

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