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Hey U… It's time for Human Development!

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Hey U… It's time for Human Development!

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But wait... what is Human Development?

It's a new way. The way that brings an innovative approach to healing and creates a lasting transformation.

It’s not coaching. It’s not therapy. It’s not personal development. It is SO. MUCH. MORE!

Human Development is all about focusing on the internal, rather than the external. Many people have hit their “external milestones,” yet they are still left feeling like something is missing. There’s been a gap and that’s where Human Development comes in. Whether you are a teacher, a therapist, a coach, or simply someone who knows they want more, the Human Development training and certification programs are for you.

This isn’t a course. It’s not even a lifestyle. It’s a human experience.

It’s time to stop relying on others to heal and it’s time to stop looking at the EXTERNAL. When you learn Human Development, you learn how to heal yourself and focus inward. This is about going back to the core of what it really means to be human. We’re not talking about all the external stuff (and there’s lots of that out there), we’re talking about the internal work. The work that NEEDS to be done to produce the external results people are looking for. It’s about looking at our DNA coding (yup, we are getting all sciencey up in here) because we were NOT wired for connection/happiness/safety. So we’re all about changing the DNA setpoint so that this becomes who we are!

Human Development is about going back to the basic human. Looking at our feelings of safety, love, connection, freedom, and what our access to resources does to our innate place in life. It is like we just skipped over human development and went right to the personal development and we are all missing the base. These training and certification programs are going to give you and your clients the base needed to skyrocket. 


  • Have a strong desire to help people move through their emotional crap and find lasting change.
  • Are sick of the surface-level motivation, hype, and high vibe world that doesn’t create lasting transformation. You know the work is deeper and you are ready to add the RRT and human development to your toolbox.
  • Are a coach, therapist, doctor, or other healthcare practitioner, that knows many of your client’s issues are trauma or emotionally rooted and have been using more coping mechanisms and would like to get to the root and completely remove it.
  • The title of coach, mentor, therapist, or counselor, may not resonate with you. If you have always felt like there should be a more human-centric approach that isn’t just addressing one issue, or focused on the superficial issues like relationships or money.
  • Feel so much of the personal development world is missing the point and we need a new and fresh approach to healing and moving humanity forward.
  • Know healing goes all the way to the DNA level and you want to tool that works at this deepest level.

If any of these are true, it’s time for Human Developement.

Choose Your Human Development Journey

Today you might be wanting to find love, connection, and acceptance in yourself. Tomorrow you might want to teach what you’ve learned with the world. Because healing is a YOU journey, Hey U Human wants to ensure you’ve got options. This isn’t one-size-fits-all. This isn’t about hitting milestones by certain dates and times. This is about listening to what works for you. Start slow, or dive right in, no matter the journey, we’re here for it and for you. 

Level 1 – RRT & Intro to Human Development Training

  • TRAINING PROGRAM that provides a comprehensive breakdown of RRT – how it differs from other modalities that utilize tapping, what the differences are, how it works, and why it is so effective.
  • INTRODUCTION TO BASIC HUMAN DEVELOPMENTtraining on the human development index and how to evaluate a client using this and help them shift their internal DNA set points.
  • WORKBOOKS to help grow your understanding of RRT and Human Development.
  • ALL SKILLS, TECHNIQUES, AND INFORMATION required to apply RRT to take yourself to a new level
  • GET AN IN-DEPTH BREAKDOWN OF TAPPING TECHNIQUES such as healing forward, storytelling, and pain release
Get Trained in RRT

Level 1 – RRT & Intro to Human Development Certification

  • INCLUDES THE LEVEL 1 Rapid Relief Technique™ & Intro to Human Development Course
  • TAPPINGS AND CLEARINGS to remove resistance to working with clients and as well as anything around feeling sleazy or fear of harming people. 
  • TARGETED APPROACH TO MARKETING that doesn’t involve hype, FOMO, or shaming. A new way that feels good and is human-centric and all the emotional work to clear out the belief that this won’t work.
  • A PRIVATE GROUP to ask questions, get support, and be inspired by others on the journey with you. This group is moderated and supported by our advanced practitioners to ensure the highest level of expertise and best practices are maintained
  • WEEKLY Q&A CALLS to enhance your learning and application for one year (ability to upgrade to continue with ongoing calls)
  • WEEKLY LIVE PRACTICE SESSIONS where practitioners will be able to implement and practice the concepts being taught.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to The Foundation Course (ability to upgrade to the full membership)
  • TWO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAININGS per year included with the live support
  • [PROCESS HEALING BONUS] This additional session will teach you the basics of processing healing. Process Healing is a powerful healing modality to go into the subconscious quickly to shift limiting beliefs. This powerful bonus will teach you how to practice on your clients and yourself to unlock our truest potential.
Get Certified in RRT

Level 2 – Advanced Human Development Certification

  • LEVEL 2 WILL TAKE RRT PRACTITIONERS TO A DEEPER LEVEL OF TRAINING. Practitioners will become even more proficient in their RRT and Human Development practice and learn other invaluable training tools for their toolbox
  • WEEKLY LIVE PRACTICE SESSIONS and Q&A sessions where practitioners will be able to implement and practice the concepts being taught and receive mentoring/guidance.
  • CLIENT SESSION GUIDANCE. Practitioners will be provided feedback and guidance on client sessions to enhance their skills and processes to truly take clients deep into the healing journey
  • A PRIVATE GROUP to ask questions, get support and be inspired by others on the journey with you. This group is moderated and supported by our advanced practitioners to ensure the highest level of expertise and best practices are maintained
  • TWO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAININGS per year included with the live support
  • BUSINESS GUIDANCE TO GROW AND ENHANCE YOUR PRACTITIONER BUSINESS. How to develop a practitioner specialty to attract your ideal client
  • LEARN THE PROPER WAY TO DEVELOP RAPPORT WITHIN YOUR PRACTITIONER/CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. Learn to become a trigger detective for you and your clients
  • EXPLORE MORE ABOUT SELF-LOVE, its principles and practices, and how to implement these with clients
  • FURTHER EXPANSION OF THE ROLE OF THE PRACTITIONER within the practitioner/client relationship
  • DEVELOP THE PROPER INSIGHTS OF CODEPENDENCY and its role in the practitioner/client relationship
  • LEARN HOW BREATH-WORK, EMBODIMENT, AND SELF-PLEASURE PRACTICES can be used in conjunction with RRT to create even more powerful results for your clients.
  • QUALIFY YOU TO TO APPLY FOR A HEY U HUMAN INTERNSHIP! …and potentially join our practitioner team!
  • [HEAL PROGRAM] This is a POWERFUL course that will heal the deep wounds, the trauma and the scars of your lifetime and lifetimes before us. This course will teach you how to go deeper in your client/practitioner journey and allow the fullest healing possible
Get Certified in Human Development