Let's Celebrate E58: It Will Always Turn Out Better

Episode Description:

It’s often really hard for us to embody this because the world doesn’t tell us this. But it does always turn out better than we think it will as long as we believe it.

One thing I’m working through in my life is really owning who I am. And really owning who I am is why things always work out better. One of the biggest things that have led me here is truly embracing who I am.

I remember when I first started this business and I was doing all of these things I didn’t want to do mainly to prove I could do them. I was so sick of being told I couldn’t do stuff or it wasn’t for me. I was on a rampage to the world to prove I could do it all.

You hear this all the time, you can be anyone you want to be. When we say that, what do we really mean? We usually mean you can be a doctor, astronaut, or the president. What if we said to a child you can be anyone you want to be? And the kid said they want to be a garbage man. Would we all cheer him on? Or would we say, “oh you don’t want to be better?” Often, people say we can be anything we want to be but there’s always a standard they want us to hit.

I’ve been having this moment where I’m asking myself if I’m trying to leave things behind or if am I running from them. Yesterday, I went to put air in my tires and it kept letting air out of my tires instead of putting it in. My tires became dangerously low. I started crying and saying “how stupid am I? I can’t even put air in my car. I’m so stupid. Why can’t I be responsible? Why can’t I just do things?” It can’t work out better and better if we are refusing to let in help. If we are refusing the things and people that do it the best. It’s hard because the world tells us we should be good at everything.

Schools tell us this. You need to be good at Science, Math, English, PE….everything. But we aren’t good at everything. Feel that in your soul right now. You are not good at everything. You are extraordinary at some things. You are good at some things. And then you are crap at other things. And we spend this lifetime trying to be better and better at the things we are crap at instead of just embracing that part of us. I’m always late. I used to embrace all of these parts of me. But recently I’ve been saying no, I can do this. And I can. But that’s not how things work out best for me.

Sometimes you won’t have the resources to choose not to do the things. Uwork – What are the things you enjoy doing in your life? And what are the things that it’s time for you to stop doing them? And what does it mean about you if you have people who do these things for you?

Find out what’s in there. What has the world told you about you that you are still judging yourself for?

It’s not about being good at something. It’s about what your zone of genius is. Often we are good at things and they benefit everyone else, but not us. When you are in your zone of genius, it not only benefits everyone else but it also massively benefits you.

What are the things you are doing that you feel you HAVE to do? What judgments do you have about them? Our zone of genius is not just for us, it’s for the world. Most of us aren’t operating in our zone of genius, we are operating in our mediocrity.

This is when things get better and better for us. This is when life just blows our minds. And we can’t find that piece when we are still judging ourselves.

If you ever feel like you aren’t doing enough, know you are doing the most important work of your lifetime by clearing out anything that isn’t you and coming back to who you are. It’s the most important work. Be proud of yourself. I am proud of you.

When we snap back into who we are and our power, magic happens.