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THIS is how life was meant to be.

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You came here for the experience of a lifetime.

Yet, most of us aren’t fully having it. Most of us are caught up in life…but not OUR life, not the life we came here to live. We are living the life we have been TOLD to live…

We are caught up in what this world tells us is important, tells us to believe, tells us to want (even if we aren’t fully aware of it).

So we focus on that, and in doing that, we completely limit ourselves to the energy and growth potential of this world… meaning we limit the resources available to us.

It’s not that they aren’t there. They are completely there. All of it – all the time, all the money, all the support, all the great health. It’s waiting there for us. It’s been there all along.

But we can’t see it. We can’t FULLY access it. But we are about to change that in the OVERFLOW!

Because in order to have the experience you were meant to have in this world, the overflow of money, time and support is necessary, crucial. Living in the overflow is one of the most important energies to master in order to be fully expressed in this life.

I very often see people who can make money, who can carve out some time or welcome in support….

But can’t hold it for long, can’t truly HAVE it as part of their life.

To HOLD money or support, to HAVE it and KEEP it so that it is always there waiting for you is something most of us have yet to master.

But we are going to show you how!

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No more getting one thing right in life just to have another fall apart.

No more big ups just to be down again and not able to figure out how to get back.

No more getting one thing right in life just to have another fall apart.

No more big ups just to be down again and not able to figure out how to get back.

Imagine feeling like you always have…

  • MORE than enough.

  • More than enough time to do all the amazing things you desire to do, want to do, need to do.

  • More than enough money for ALL your responsibilities, your needs, your DESIRES, so much money that you have to THINK of ways to spend it.

  • SO much support, and I mean good support. The kind of support you have been yearning for, where you are supported before you even have to ask or before YOU even know you need it.


Wouldn’t life be magical???

It’s possible for all of us.

It took me years to master this. Years to finally be able to sit back and look at my life and see complete overflow in all the areas. There was A LOT of learning and understanding that I had to do. A LOT of shifting and releasing.

But I have brought together everything I have learned and broken it down into 3 simple days for you. We will focus on each area, breaking down what I was missing, what I needed to understand, how to embody it and how to finally live in the overflow!

And I invite you to join me.


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3 Days, 3 Powerful topics

DAY ONE: Support and Love

It’s time to feel seen, heard and understood. It’s time to feel like everyone has your back and is helping you before you even have to ask. It’s time to be surrounded by support and love, and we are going to dive deep into how we cultivate this magic! Because it will be like magic after you go through this powerful day!

DAY TWO: Getting Time on Your Side

Tick tock goes the clock. Another day gone and still all the things you wish you could do haven’t been done. It’s time to flip time upside down and learn how to make it work for YOU. How to buy back time in your life, kick the overwhelm and feel like you have all the time in the world to create what you want.

DAY THREE: Bring in the Money, Honey!

Making money is one thing, but holding money, KEEPING money is another thing. We will break down the greatest money block to living in the overflow and how to overcome it and shift yourself into a much more stable and safe energy when it comes to money. You are the leader of your life, not money. It’s time to find a NEW freedom around money and show it who’s boss!

A World of Wealth

If you haven’t noticed, the world is being influxed with wealth like never before. And not just wealth in terms of money. The world is opening up to new energies and new support, in a much bigger way. Meaning that more than ever we as humans are capable of living in the overflow. The overflow of money, time, support, and love.

It’s meant for ALL OF US.

BUT, many of us cannot access these energies, we literally are coded to not be able to receive them (and if you don’t know what coding is, that would be reason number 549 why you need to get in this course!)

So what’s happening…

The people that are already coded for wealth… are just getting wealthier and wealthier, in ALL THE THINGS.

Which I have no problem with…

Except for the fact that more of us are meant to access all of this goodness. More of us are meant to live in the OVERFLOW, including YOU!


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The For so long...

…all of this was such a mystery to me.

I was always chasing… chasing money, chasing time. Sacrificing one thing for the other.

I always had a feeling that there just wasn’t enough… no matter how much I had.

There were many years spent making lots of money but never HAVING money.  Many years running around like an overwhelmed chicken with my head cut off.

Now, I do more and have more responsibility than EVER before… yet it feels like I have all the time in the world. This is how life is meant to be.

And it’s not just for me.

It’s for you too.

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I have created a multi-million dollar business with the absolute best people in the world supporting me, while also creating a BETTER family life, a BETTER marriage, and BETTER health.

Our business is very PROFITABLE. There is ALWAYS more than enough money in the bank, both personally and professionally.  We are all meant to live like this. Challenges and obstacles will always exist in life. It’s part of the fun, part of why we are here. But it is SO much easier to navigate them, and so much more fun, when you are doing it from a place of overflow.  And believe me, these aren’t pieces that have been shared before. This information is original work. It is new to the world and you need it!

The world is ready, YOU are ready. And we are ready to share it with you.

I'm Sara

I’m the visionary force behind Hey U Human and The Overflow.


  • Went to school, got a degree
  • Got the job
  • Got married
  • Bought the house
  • Had kids
  • Life fell apart
  • Knew it was time to heal, but didn’t like traditional methods…
  • Felt like so much of it was settling with a series of band-aids, not really solving the root of the problem…

But when I got to the end, I found myself asking… Is this it?? My search for a solution led to my own awakening and deep dive into understanding how I (and hUmans in general) can REALLY operate in the world.

Combining my background in science with my knowledge of business and my own life experience, I discovered a new method of healing trauma, getting relief from all the things we don’t want in life, and became a master at creating exactly what we want.

I realized I didn’t need to settle for less than EVERYTHING — and neither do U! This led me to create Hey U Human and The Overflow program in order to help people stop settling, start living, and create exactly what they want in this world to bring hUmanity back together.

My clients make more money now than they did in their corporate jobs, working fewer hours and experiencing more freedom… all in a way that feels authentic and fun to them. After all, what’s life if you are not having fun?!

My method hasn’t only offered me GREAT results, I’ve also helped other people just like you create the lives that they always thought was possible, but were never sure how to achieve.

I believe the power to create this lies completely in you… and I believe I can show you how to unlock it!

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