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Family Ties

Heal the familial ties of today and the lifetimes before. This powerful course will walk you through healing the generational ties that bond us, even when they are destructive. Coming […]

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LIVE Breathwork Session (Holiday Special)

Imagine being able to release stress and detoxify negative emotions from the body simply with your breath. Breathing is the only biological function we can do both consciously and unconsciously […]

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Tap It Out Together

Let the healing & feeling begin! Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and any and all gunk holding you back. Join us weekly (free for Starter & Happy Human Members) where […]

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Magic Monday

Let’s make Mondays magical, together! Revitalize your Mondays with our Magic Monday Event (free for Starter & Happy Human Members)! It’s your weekly dose of inspiration and connection. A reminder […]

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Daily Dose

Your Daily Dose of inspiration, motivation, healing, transformation, love & connection. Join us live Monday through Saturday and start your day off right! Tune in live (or catch the dedicated […]

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Live Q&A

Join us every week for a live Q&A session. Connect with members, get some insight and perspective, and share your wins and revelations. This is your #1 space to take your work inside the Happy Human Membership even deeper!

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