The Membership + RRT Level 1 Certification | Pay in Full Plan - Hey U Human



The Membership + RRT Level 1 Certification | Pay in Full Plan


Level 1 – RRT & Intro to Human Development Certification + The Membership

Get more of what you want, faster — and help your clients achieve their goals faster too with our science-backed method.

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Hey U… Why not share the power of RRT?

Now you can with the Rapid Relief Technique Certification Program.

Get more of what you want, faster — and help your clients achieve their goals faster too with our science-backed method.

You know RRT is a powerful technique for tapping into our hUman nature and busting through our blocks to finally achieve the goals we dream of and the life we deserve.

  • EXPAND YOUR SERVICES… With RRT, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a level of service and support that they’ve never experienced before. You’ll learn how to truly remove old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, deep emotions, trauma, self-hate and all other emotions standing between your client and achieving their dreams. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of our two energy systems and learn to apply that knowledge to yourself and your clients. You will be provided all the tools and resources to begin utilizing this powerful method with your clients along with resources to troubleshoot when you need to.
  • EXPAND YOUR CLIENTS… Through applying the RRT, you can help your clients clear their limiting beliefs and help them achieve their goals with ease. Imagine what they can achieve when they have this powerful technique at their fingertips.
  • EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS… When you can connect with your clients’ emotions and past experiences and help them overcome those deep rooted hurdles, you have a relationship that cannot be replicated. Your clients will be over the moon to work with you and refer you to their friends!

    RRT can be applied to all industries and practices, and we’ll provide you with all the workbooks, manuals, scripts, maps and other techniques to grow your business in a completely revolutionized way.

What you get inside the membership

  • The Foundation

    – Learn our innovative approach to creating happiness. Get all the tools and understandings to build a TRUE foundation for a joyful and satisfying life. Explore our system for eliminating stress and all the other not so fun human things from your day.

  • Daily Dose

    – Connect Daily with one of our team members and members of the community for your Daily Dose of inspiration, motivation, and feel-good fun. This is a quick ten-minute LIVE interaction where we infuse your body, mind, and soul with all the good stuff to keep you going strong! This is worth the membership alone!

  • Live Support

    – Utilize our amazing practitioners to understand all the ins and outs of this work and get your unique questions answered as they pop up!

  • The CommUnity

    – Connect with others on this soul-searching human journey and feel supported, seen, and understood.

    Level 1 – RRT & Intro to Human Development Certification

    • INCLUDES THE LEVEL 1 Rapid Relief Technique™ & Intro to Human Development Course
    • TAPPINGS AND CLEARINGS to remove resistance to working with clients and as well as anything around feeling sleazy or fear of harming people.
    • TARGETED APPROACH TO MARKETING that doesn’t involve hype, FOMO, or shaming. A new way that feels good and is human-centric and all the emotional work to clear out the belief that this won’t work.
    • A PRIVATE GROUP to ask questions, get support, and be inspired by others on the journey with you. This group is moderated and supported by our advanced practitioners to ensure the highest level of expertise and best practices are maintained
    • WEEKLY Q&A CALLS to enhance your learning and application for one year (ability to upgrade to continue with ongoing calls)
    • WEEKLY LIVE PRACTICE SESSIONS where practitioners will be able to implement and practice the concepts being taught.
    • LIFETIME ACCESS to The Foundation Course (ability to upgrade to the full membership)
    • TWO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAININGS per year included with the live support
    • [PROCESS HEALING BONUS] This additional session will teach you the basics of processing healing. Process Healing is a powerful healing modality to go into the subconscious quickly to shift limiting beliefs. This powerful bonus will teach you how to practice on your clients and yourself to unlock our truest potential.

    The Building Blocks of The Foundation Course

    • TAP INTO YOUR POWER and learn the missing pieces to co-creating with the Universe. Yes that’s right, you are the driver here!
    • 16-MODULE SYSTEMATIC TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM to unlock the next levels if life and let go of everything holding you back.
    • WEEKLY LIVE Q&A COACHING CALLS to address your questions and help overcome any issues you may be having.
    • DAILY LIVE ACTIVATIONS to clear old energy and limiting beliefs and spur your engagement and connection.
    • EXCLUSIVE, MEMBERS-ONLY GROUP where you can ask questions 24/7 (for those 3 a.m. epiphanies!).
    • ALL THE RESOURCES YOU NEED TO UP-LEVEL your life, heal your soul and become the truest version of you (videos, workbooks, meditations, recordings).
    • ACCESS TO MY SIGNATURE SYSTEM that teaches you how to navigate the world in a different way and create magic and miracles at every turn.
    • VIP PRICING FOR 1:1 SESSIONS with our RRT Certified Practitioners. Book 1:1 client sessions for 50% off the regular
    • [BONUS] ACCESS TO OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM to allow you an easy way to make money through referrals
    • [BONUS TRAINING – OVER $2,000 VALUE] up-level your training, development and human experience with access to several other courses including: The Overflow ($97 value), The Shift ($111 value), The 1% ($111 value), High Vibe Money Makers Club ($397 value), Chakra Healing Series ($97 value), The Wealth Trifecta ($97 value), Get It Done (no longer available for individual purchase), Energetic Infusions (no longer available for individual purchase), Energetic Standards Library (no longer available for individual purchase), HEAL: Your Body (no longer available for individual purchase), The Pleasure Experiment (no longer available for individual purchase), and Energetic Archives (no longer available for individual purchase).
    • [BONUS ACCESS TO NEW TRAINING] as we run new mini-programs, any member inside The Foundation will receive complimentary access to the live training (and unrestricted access to replays)!
    • [GOOD FAITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE] When you sign up for The Foundation Membership, we offer a Good Faith 30-day Money Back Guarantee. This isn’t your free trial. This means if you have done the work, asked the questions, and dove into the work and it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund you your money. You can learn more about this right here.

    The Membership + Level 1 RRT Certification


    PAY IN FULL PLAN: $3,000

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