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Beyond Abundance

Cash. Money. Miracles.
This is financial sovereignty unleashed.
The world makes money complicated. It’s time you learn how easy it can be.
The resources to create the life you want are here. It’s time for you to claim them. Join us and let’s go beyond abundance. 
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It’s time to take back control of your FINANCES, your path, your dreams, your desires, and your DESTINY.

In a world that often feels chaotic and beyond our control, it’s time to learn how to feel safe and at peace when it comes to your finances.

We were born to be powerful creators. We are meant to experience all this world has to offer…

But to do that we need resources and most of us struggle to create more than we need.

THE TRUTH: Cash, money, and miracles are meant for all of us.

There is a reason why the rich get richer – they understand money and it’s time you did too.

As much as I talk about magic and miracles (because they do exist and we are going to get down to how you bring these into your life) you also need to have a handle on the tangible aspects of money.

When to spend vs. when to save. When to invest vs. when to hold back. How to create wealth and passive income, how to do less and make more.

Rewrite the rules of how money exists in your life. Reclaim your financial sovereignty and create miracles in every aspect of your life. Build the magical momentum that will change the trajectory of your life, FAST.

I Want In!


Abundance is not a coincidence but a manifestation of your unwavering belief.

This is for you if…

  • you feel ok with money but want more;
  • you already got dolla dolla bills y’all and you are ready to take your next jump;
  • money confuses the hell out of you and you just want to understand it, feel good about it, and not have to worry about it;
  • you want to know why you buy things and then regret doing it, this is for you; or
  • you want to get out of the cycle of feast and famine.
If you have been ready to change your financial trajectory and want to learn the ins and outs, be held accountable and have a great group of people to cheer you on, this is for you.

Declare what you want to create and let’s create balance and financial harmony in under 12 days!

Look, this challenge isn’t about me giving you a bunch of mumbo jumbo, it’s not about my opinions about finances and what you should do with them. This isn’t about complex formulas of financial theories.

This is teaching from experience, of going into debt out of debt of making millions and then losing millions and then making it again.

This is about learning all the ins and outs ups and downs of money and duplicating it with person after person to get them results as well.

This will change the game for you. The only way it won’t is if you pass it by.

Over the 12 days together, we will be doing an exercise each day to work on the energetic and physical side of your finances and abundance. We drop in-home activities to keep the magic and energy alive and working for you. Each day should take about 20 minutes. Yup, not a HUGE commitment. Let’s be honest, you’re busy! We use specific micro-actions that work together to create MASSIVE results.

BIG transformation doesn’t require BIG action. It just needs the RIGHT INTENTIONAL action!… That’s exactly what you will experience.

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Beyond Abundance 12-Day Challenge

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