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The Upgrade Experience

Every day, in every way, life gets better for you!

If you were handed the cheat-codes to life would you take them?

The 12-month Upgrade Experience will give you premier access to the only portal that teaches you how to get good at all parts of being a human! As a student you will learn how to transform your life while you are transforming the world around you! It’s time for life to flourish, for wealth to flow effortlessly, and for life to work in your favor every day.

Are you ready to learn how to be an unstoppable human and live life with ease?

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What Our Students Experience

Join The Emotional Revolution…

and learn how to upgrade every aspect of your life?

Whether you’re just starting your journey into personal development or you’ve been on a growth path for years, here’s the truth: you’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle that can create a significant impact with minimal effort.

The journey to your life-changing transformation starts with enrolling in

The Upgrade Experience

As a student inside the Upgrade Experience, you’ll have everything you need to become the best version of yourself each day. Access the world’s best teachers and resources, join a supportive community, and explore a variety of programs, events, and experiences designed to transform every aspect of your life and turn your goals into reality.

Everything at your fingertips to create magic, miracles, and that impossible life that’s actually possible with us by your side.

It’s like you KNOW you are meant for the four seasons, but somehow ended up at the Holiday Inn Express. It’s not that it’s bad… it’s just not what you want. You KNOW it’s meant to be better, but CREATING that ‘better’ life seems to somehow keep slipping through your fingers.

It almost feels like something is missing. Like you almost have the full combination of unlocking your next level life… but you are missing one final piece before it locks into place.

Are you ready to discover the missing piece?

If you’re like the thousands of our students before they found us, you likely don’t know where to start when it comes to getting exactly what you want in life. You know something better is possible but aren’t sure how to stay consistent long term or feel supported.

Or maybe you have always felt like an outlier, never quite fitting in, perhaps even like the black sheep of the world. Deep down, you know life can be easier than it is right now. You sense that it’s possible for life to be simpler, yet you still find yourself attracting struggle. If you’re ready to let go of that struggle, you’re in the exact right place.

If that’s the case, the Upgrade Experience will give you the roadmap (and community) you need to experience the results you’ve been looking for.

Inside the Upgrade Experience you will learn how to create happiness, success and ease. No more settling for less. No more getting in your own way. No more wondering ‘when’ you will become the person you want to be. ‘When’ is now!!

We’re dying to meet you!

Hey U Human is a place to belong, a place to be constantly inspired and motivated. It’s the curriculum and roadmap you need to get the results you want in all areas of life, whether it be business, money, love, health, or parenting. We have all the resources, the community, and the learnings to get you where you want to go.

Are you ready to unleash your next level self and open up your potential?

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What You Get inside the Upgrade Experience:

Your Confidence

Say goodbye to self-doubt and imposter syndrome

You will learn how to exude self-assurance in every aspect of life, giving you the freedom to be yourself in the most authentic way.

Your Money

Finally, remove financial stress and uncertainty from your life

You will master your finances, gain control over your money, and build lasting wealth, providing you with the feeling of true financial freedom.

Your Relationships

Leave shallow connections, loneliness, and energetic drains behind

You will learn how to find and foster deep connections and nurture meaningful bonds, feeling connected, supported, and energized by your community.

Your Time

Overcome procrastination and inefficiency

You will learn how to remove blocks holding you back and finally become efficient and effective in all your endeavors, helping you feel like a superhuman.

Your Life

Drop autopilot feelings of unsatisfaction and unfulfillment

You will learn how to unlock your full potential and live with purpose and fulfillment, empowering you to create the impossible.

Your Health

Say goodbye to unhealthy habits and low energy

Learn how to create optimal health, providing you with the knowledge and tools to nourish your body and mind, allowing you to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Above all else…

As student you will learn the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently create life to your exact specifications.

And the best part is: When you transform yourself, you transform your surroundings. When you transform your surroundings, you transform the world.

This is your time to shift not only yourself, but also your future self and generations to come. If you know that this world is full of magic and are ready for all aspects of your life to be easy, then you are ready to become a student inside Hey U Human.

Are you ready to discover the secret to being a limitless and unshakable human?

Get results that last a lifetime. Your transformation begins here.

I Need This!

What the Upgrade Experience will do for you:

  • Clear out every block standing in your way of getting what you want.
  • Get you off the up-and-down roller coaster of life and show you how to bring in the good and keep it coming.
  • Create a blueprint for where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to have, and then help you create it.
  • Provide a step-by-step formula for moving through any obstacle that stands in your way—learn how to turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Show you how to make money work for you.
  • Keep you on track and motivated to create the life you want.
  • Find clarity and power, feel good in your skin, and be confident in making the moves you want to make.
  • Find more passion, purpose, and fulfillment in your life.
  • Finally, feel like life makes sense and see your path and your next moves clearly.
  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in health, wealth, relationships, and overall happiness.
  • Create a deep knowing that you are the creator of your life and can shift anything.

Enrollment Now Open

Join The Emotional Revolution with the Upgrade Experience



Enroll Now!

Our work, works!

Through a decade of working with thousands of humans worldwide, we’ve honed a master success formula. Stripping away the ‘fluff,’ we direct your time and energy precisely where it yields results….


The Block-Buster Technique

Overcome The Personal Growth Plateau!


Know exactly how to break through barriers and achieve your goals with our proprietary signature technique that will show you how to move through your blocks and blindspots easily. This is our ‘secret sauce’ that removes the old programming, patterns and beliefs standing in the way to ultimate success.

We all have “stuff,” but that stuff doesn’t have to be part of our future. This isn’t therapy or meditation; this is a technique that changes the game when it comes to blowing past the blocks and finally getting what you want.

Say goodbye to old programming, patterns, and beliefs that hold you back, and hello to a new way of thinking that propels you toward success. This isn’t just another self-help method; it’s a game-changer that will help you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.

Accountability & Inspiration

Become Consistent & Unshakable!


Learn how to master LIFE in a brand new way with as Hey U Human student. We understand the world can be relentless, always telling you that you can’t succeed (or hitting you with politics, wars, conflict, and pain). It’s time to be unshakable in the real world and create the most positive influence for yourself and those around you. That’s why the Upgrade Experience was specifically designed to counteract this massive daily obstacle!


As a student, you will receive Daily (LIVE) Inspiration to keep you accountable, motivated, and always leveling up (replays are always available if you can’t attend live). It only gets better. Being around people who are successful and being inspired to know that this is possible for you too.

Life by Design

Experience Magic and Miracles (daily)!


Take the guesswork out of creating a magnetic and intentional life. Learn our signature method for designing your (seemingly) impossible life. Learn the step-by-step instructions on how to craft everything you’ve ever wanted, and how to handle it when things don’t go as planned. We have all the hacks to troubleshoot your life mastery process!

Extensive Resource Library

It’s Like Netflix For The Soul!


Stop jumping from place to place to get your results and feel supported! You’ll get instant access to resources to enrich every angle of personal development. Whether you’re looking to improve your finances, relationships, health, business, or parenting skills, we have the roadmap to help you biohack all parts of your life.

With over 50 extensive courses (which grows monthly), you’ll have unlimited access to the tools you need to create an incredible life that gets and stays good.

Additionally, you can immerse yourself in other modalities like guided meditations, energy clearings, breathwork sessions, clearing scripts (plus so much more) to ensure you have the support you need every step of the way.

Community & Connection

We’re Your People!


Never feel alone or unconnected on your journey. Get access to Hey U Human’s private social network to connect, share, and grow with.

Join a supportive community and deep connections inside The Happy Human Membership. This amazing movement of humans know life gets to be good for them and for YOU. Life is so much better when you have people who believe in you, see you, and get you. Having a community by your side truly makes you unstoppable.

But wait… updates!

Hey U Human is truly always investing back into its students. As we learn new things, we share them with you. New courses, new techniques, new information, you name it, you get it when we learn something great that our students need.

So when the personal development world makes major changes (and it’s always evolving)…

Or we discover a way to make your journey even easier for you…

We update the curriculums to ensure you are all supported and evolving alongside us. As an active member, you get every single future update dropped directly into your library – as an added Member Perk.

So you’ll ALWAYS stay ahead of the curve when it comes to personal growth and living your best life.

Are you ready to unleash your next level self and open up your potential?

I’m Ready!

What's New Inside The Upgrade Experience?

JUST ADDED: The Reboot ($297 VALUE)

It’s time to remove every block standing in your way and realign yourself for total health, wealth and happiness.

This 6 week live experience will target deep layers of your human that need to be upgraded in order for your life to finally be what you want it to be. Life might already be OK, but why not make it better? Why not get your DNA, brain, and body coded for more. More money, better health, better relationships, better EVERYTHING.



Added April 2024

JUST ADDED: Financially Free ($297 VALUE)

Master the Wealth-Building Skills the 1% Doesn’t Want You to Know (in Only 5 Days). If you are ready for this to be YOUR year financially, then you need to join us. Financially Free is The #1 Financial Literacy Crash Course that teaches you everything you don’t know about money.


Added February 2024

JUST ADDED: Dopamine Detox ($197 VALUE)

So many of us want to be in control, but we find ourselves still NOT being in control. Doing things we don’t want to really do. NOT doing things we actually want to do to get the life results we want.

A lot of this is due to the fact that our brains have been hijacked, our dopamine being used against us. Inside the Happy Human Membership we are going to follow an awesome plan to detox the dopamine and continue this year in control of our destiny!

Join this 15-day group Dopamine Detox (available as a guided detox as well).

Added February 2024

JUST ADDED: Manifest ($297 VALUE)

CREATE THE IMPOSSIBLE! Inside Manifest you will learn the simple 7-step manifesting formula (in under 8 days).

In a world that feels out of control, it’s time to take back control of your life, of your path, of your desires and dreams. It’s time to finally control your destiny. Manifest the life of your dreams in the easiest and fastest way possible.


Added July 2023

JUST ADDED: Harness ($297 VALUE)

No matter where you stand today or where you’ve come from, your financial journey is primed for remarkable growth… and sometimes we can’t see it.

But just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there for you to GRAB! Join HARNESS and revolutionize your relationship with money. In just a few modules, your outlook on money will undergo a profound transformation. You’re destined for abundance, designed to live your fullest life. This isn’t about simply cash. It’s that PLUS the energy we need to embody to maintain and grow wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

Added October 2023

JUST ADDED: Magic Mondays ($1,500 VALUE)

Let’s make Mondays magical, together!

Revitalize your Mondays with our Magic Monday Event! It’s your weekly dose of inspiration and connection. A reminder of how amazing and worthy you are so you can take life by the reins and create what you want! Join us live or binge-watch the replays.

Added October 2023


Let the healing & feeling begin!

Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and any and all gunk holding you back. Join us weekly (LIVE) where we Tap It Out, together! This powerful weekly event will show you how to release all the things that are holding you back and anchor you in the good. You will leave feeling truly empowered!

Added October 2023

JUST ADDED: The Foundation Accountability Group ($1,500 VALUE)

Take your results to the next level with our accountability group! Stay connected, stay on track and stay accountable for your goals. Join this cohort for weekly check-in calls, a private group, and completion deadlines to ensure you are always staying on track for YOU.

Added January 2024

Limited Time Offer

Join by 11:59 PM on Friday April 26 and get Lifetime Access to The Reboot For FREE PLUS you will be grandfathered into our Master Resell Rights Program (in development) so you can sell access to this course for 100% profit to you.

Bonus gift expires in:

My Time Is Now!

We Can’t Wait To Meet You

What’s Included

  • ACCESS TO THE FOUNDATION (VALUE $1,500) Stop feeling stuck, unable to break free from obstacles hindering your success and happiness! Get lifetime access to this transformative 16-module course to help you identify and eliminate these barriers, paving the way for a more fulfilling life.

  • COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING ($797 VALUE) Change doesn’t have to take decades or 10,000 hours to master! Our training schedule includes over 20 recorded videos, each around 20 minutes long. These videos allow you to easily grasp and implement concepts and exercises, empowering you to supercharge your personal growth.

  • SIGNATURE METHOD ($1,500 VALUE) Master the proprietary Rapid Relief Technique™, the secret sauce to success. The Foundation will guide you to integrate it into every facet of your life, ensuring happiness, peace, and success. You will learn how to apply Rapid Relief Technique™ to everything in your life like money, health, weight loss, manifesting, career, business, relationships, love, parenting plus so much more!

  • GUIDED TAPPINGS & SCRIPTS ($997 VALUE) Take the guess work out of ‘self-study’ with our guided scripts. Access recordings that take our technique to new depths, clearing out hidden blocks holding you back. Learn to truly let go and embrace lasting change.

  • WORKBOOK & JOURNAL PROMPTS ($397 VALUE) Deepen your understanding with our 16 workbooks, providing clarity, reflection, and embodiment for a holistic transformation.

  • LIVE INTERACTION, EVENTS & SUPPORT ($15,000 VALUE)You are not on this journey alone! Join us for a series of weekly live interactions designed to inspire, connect, and empower you on your transformational journey. Experience our Daily Dose, Magic Monday, Tap It Out Together, Q&A sessions, and other transformative events, offering invaluable support and accountability along the way. Never before has there been such a connected & integrated space to upgrade, expand and transform.

  • COMPREHENSIVE COURSE LIBRARY ($47,000 VALUE) Get instant access to a in-depth resource library with over 50 tailored courses covering various aspects of life: health, wealth, money, energy, manifestation, career, business, parenting, sexuality, and more. You will continue to upgrade and expand beyond your wildest dreams.

  • [BONUS]: Chakra Healing, Energy Routines & Meditations ($597 VALUE) Heal your body, elevate your energy, and embody your next-level self with powerful energy routines and peace-anchoring meditations.

  • [BONUS]: TARGET MINI-TRAININGS ($597 VALUE) Enhance your journey with bonus training on dealing with narcissists, improving communication in relationships, healing your body relationship, and addressing negative childhood experiences. These mini-lessons are added to the course based on student feedback and need.

  Total Value $ $68,385
(Monthly Payment Plan Also Available)



Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal to have a few Q’s. Let’s get you the A’s you need to make decision making E.A.S.Y (because we believe everything should be easy)

I have tried a lot of things to change my life that didn’t work, how is this different?

At Hey U Human, we understand how humans work a bit differently. We get that creating what we want in life goes much deeper than the brain and even the nervous system. Our work targets the deepest level - the DNA, but also then works to bring the brain, nervous system, and body on board. This allows for a total transformation that sticks and continues to bring you success. It’s different than anything else out there, and it works!

How long do I have access?

Inside the Upgrade Experience you will have 12-months access to everything (and we do mean EVERYTHING). Please note that the monthly options are defined payment plans and not month-to-month arrangements. This means that you are committing to the terms of the payment plan and cannot cancel at any time (with the exception of the he Starter Level is $7/month where you can cancel at any time). If you have any questions on this, please email us at and we would love to help you out further on this.

How many hours a week will it take to get results?

This will be up to you. We have students that spend 10 hours a week and some that spend 1 hour a week. Once you enroll in The Upgrade Experience, you will be given a plan of attack. This plan has you working through our signature course to start which takes about 1-2 hours a week and then joining us for our daily dose which is about 10 minutes a day. Most students find they have results in a few weeks after following this plan.

Why is this called the Upgrade Experience and not sold as individual courses?

We used to sell each one of our courses individually, but we found people who had all of our courses and could work at their own pace and had daily interaction with us had by far the best results. We knew creating a home for all of our work plus a platform where students could interact and we could have daily inspiration would be the best for our clients. So the Upgrade Experience was born!

Will this work for me?

We believe it will. We have had tens of thousands of people use this work and get incredible results. People from all walks of life all over the world from all different backgrounds. We hear all the time from our students - that this WAS the missing piece for them.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to do this?

No, we have our platform that has all of our resources on it.

Limited Time Offer

Join by 11:59 PM on Friday April 26 and get Lifetime Access to The Reboot For FREE PLUS you will be grandfathered into our Master Resell Rights Program (in development) so you can sell access to this course for 100% profit to you.

Bonus gift expires in:

My Time Is Now!

Every day, in every way, life gets better for you!

Join the Emotional Revolution and change the world with the Upgrade Experience!

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