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When you reject part of yourself, you reject ALL of yourself.

It’s time to stop feeling stifled and stuck. It’s time to be loved, liberated, and powerful.

Claim access to these replays and learn the Truth about Sex and Power and how to unlock the fullest you.

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Hi! I’m Sara!…

…and like most women, I have been impacted by varying sexual traumas.

It can be BIG, or it can be LITTLE… but it impacts us nonetheless.

  • It could be that I never looked how I wanted.
  • It was the names people called me.
  • It was the judgment I felt from society.
  • It was an unwanted touch or an uncomfortable moment.
  • It was a fake laugh to be seen as fun and not uptight (but inside I was screaming).
  • And it was countless other much more aggressive moments in my life….

I hid a part of myself from the world for a long time to finally feel SAFE. But in doing this, I wasn’t seen….. And that was a very lonely and isolating place to be.

And I KNOW that I am not alone in this.

What most don’t understand is the same area that harnesses our sexual energy also harnesses our power, our purpose, our ability to feel safe, seen and loved in this world.

So much of this isn’t even ours to carry. It has been passed down from generation to generation, keeping us feeling stifled. Keeping us quiet, keeping us from ourselves.

It’s time to change that.

It’s time for us to unite, heal, rise, and finally learn The Truth about Sex & Power…and how to unlock the fullest you.

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It’s time to unlock this within you…

…but to do this, we must understand the truth about sex and how it relates to our power.

In these 2 videos, we will break down what has been holding you back and how to get back to yourself.

What you will learn in this free 2-video series:

  • VIDEO 1: SEX – Yup, we are going there IMMEDIATELY! You will learn how so many of us do not feel turned on sexually or turned on by life. We will break down what’s stopping us from feeling lit up and powerful. You will see how your sexual trauma (of all levels) is holding you back from making money, going after your dreams and finding your passion in this life. Lastly, we will be talking about how so much of what is stopping you isn’t even yours but is from generations before you (and how to actually overcome this).
  • VIDEO 2: POWER – We are going to unlock the deep power within you. During day 2, you are going to find your magnetism and learn how to get turned on by life again. We will show you how to release the deep sexual trauma that is hidden and holding you back from the life you want. Most importantly, you will start to see your true purpose and learn how to come back to your power, your magic.

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Sex and Power are a Mystery to Most…

…because there is a negative connotation associated with it (it was designed that way to keep you STUCK and POWERLESS).

So much of both are considered taboo by societal standards. This is on purpose. It keeps you from your most powerful energy. Your life force energy. The energy that feeds your purpose and your ability to be you in this world. The energy that makes you get up, get out there, and create the life you want.

When we reject a part of us sexually due to this trauma we also reject pieces of our power, our ability to make money becomes more difficult, and we feel unsafe, restless, and unsupported. We end up living in a state of fear, and our dreams seem to fall by the wayside.

You know those people. The ones that are completely comfortable in their bodies.

Confident, capable. Ready to take on the world.

Always getting stuff done.

Powerful, fearing nothing.


They hold the energy we all desire, and energy we all chase after…. But feel like we can’t quite harness…

But it actually lives in all of us.

Each and every one of us and it’s time you learned how to unlock it.

It’s time to get reacquainted with YOU!

Join us, and let us help it all make sense!

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This event is for you if…

  • You are ready to feel magnetic and excited by your life.
  • You want to come back to your true purpose, power and magic of your life.
  • You are DONE feeling helpless and are ready to feel powerful and in control of your life.
  • You are ready to finally release and let go of trauma (big and little) in your life.
  • You are ready to finally have a life that feels easy.
  • You have deep dreams that you want to go after and you are ready to let go of the thought chains holding you back.
  • You are ready to find passion and purpose in every aspect of your life
  • You want to learn how to change things that have been handed down to you from generations before you.


We are entering an energetic time where those who are ready to heal and rise will expand into greatness and create their desires within and those who remain stuck in their trauma and stories will spiral out.

Don’t be the latter. So much of our healing lies within this area of making peace with our sexuality and our power.

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