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The Truth About Money (and how to make it work for you)

You see a select group of people achieving amazing things with money. And yet, these resources only seem to work for a small percentage. A small portion of the population knows the truth about money! The rest of us are left guessing. What do the 1% of wealthy people know that the rest of us don’t?

Let’s break this down in The Truth About Money and how to make it work for you.

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Hi, I'm Sara!..

…and I have had QUITE the money journey!

I have made millions the hard way, I have made millions the easy way.

I have been in massive debt, and I have gotten out of massive debt (several times).

I have lived paycheck to paycheck, over drafting my account more than I can count. I have had serious money trauma from myself, my family, and from the generations before me.

I have done just about all you can do and learned about all you can physically and energetically when it comes to money…

When I started making millions, I realized the world was missing something specific about money

I began to see I had something the world desperately needed… and I am excited to share it with YOU!

Learn the truth about money…

…and how to make it (FINALLY) work for you

Money is a mystery to most because it has systematically been designed to be. It’s time to reveal everything you didn’t know you needed to know to feel safe, free and happy about your finances.

In these 2 days, we will share the secret behind money! These are principles that only a small portion of the population knows! I am on a mission to change that. It’s time to bring this to the masses!

You deserve the freedom, flexibility, and safety that money provides you. Not just you, EVERYONE.

What you will learn in this free 2-Video event:

  • VIDEO 1: THE TRUTHS – It’s not unreasonable for money to feel confusing. It’s allegedly all created equal, but it is one of our most significant forms of inequality. On Day 1 we are going to break down THE TRUTHS. We will break free from the lies your mother, father, and society have told you that have your money blueprint turned around.
  • VIDEO 2: MONEY MAGIC – Believe it or not, money is energetic. Money is magic. Most of us have created money through hustle, grind, blood, sweat, and tears. Most of us have to sacrifice to create money (your time, your mental health, your sanity, your family, your body, your freedom, etc.) You can create money in a way that doesn’t feel stressful and draining. Day 2 will help you see money’s “other side” – the magic part.
  • BONUS: You will learn the three simple practices that can change how you feel about money in as little as a few days. These will be tangible resources that you can implement as soon as you learn the information.

I want to attend

Break Free From The Financial Chains…

The harsh truth is some systems prevent so many from getting ahead. SPOILER ALERT: I know you can hack the system with magic (and I don’t mean ‘woo-woo’ witchy magic – it’s a different kind that I will talk all about).

Despite societal rhetoric, it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from, or what money trauma you have… you deserve to make money in a way that feels good. What I teach applies to every human. I will show you how to break out of the “system” and come back to your power to create the life that lives in your heart.

Money is a mystery to most because it has systematically been designed to be. It’s time to reveal everything you didn’t know you needed to know to feel safe, free and happy about your finances.

Several years ago a key part of my business was teaching people how to create more money in their lives and to more importantly feel FREE when it comes to their finances. There are people in this world with millions that still fear money and there are people with barely any that are at peace. It not about what you have, more about how you are relating to it that counts. After the black lives movement happened in 2020 I had a hard time teaching about money. My eyes were opened to these systems and oppressive ways that kept certain people from getting ahead. I started to believe that making money was only for “certain” people. We had to change the systems before what I thought would work again. The system DOES need to be changed, but you can start capitalizing and changing your relationship with money before that happens!

Join us, and let us help it all make sense!

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This course is for you if:

  • money has felt unreliable, unpredictable, confusing and frustrating
  • you have plenty of money, but you still feel unsure, have lingering thoughts/judgment about it, and want to feel better
  • feel like money controls who you are and what you get to do (or what you DON’T get to do)
  • feel like you understand money but are ready to go to your next level of receiving it
  • you want to know your money blueprint and how to create more of what you WANT when it comes to finance
  • want to embody financial sovereignty
  • want to learn how to break out of the current financial systems and create something different for yourself


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