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The Reboot

6 Weeks to a totally new you!

It’s time to remove every block standing in your way and realign yourself for total health, wealth and happiness.

This 6 week live experience will target deep layers of your human that need to be upgraded in order for your life to finally be what you want it to be. Life might already be OK, but why not make it better? Why not get your DNA, brain, and body coded for more. More money, better health, better relationships, better EVERYTHING.

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REady to feel unstoppable?

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This has the power to change everything…

If you are ready to create a life that you are in love with and finally tap into your inner power, then you need to join us (NOW)!

THE REBOOT is the #1 System Upgrade you need to get the absolute most out of life.

Does this sound like you?

  • Always striving but never arriving. You’re doing the things but not getting the results that you want.
  • You are working harder than you want to receive the things you desire (it’s time to change that).
  • Always watching it be easier for other people but not knowing how to make it easier for yourself.
  • Deeply knowing that you want more money and doing the things to make more money. Yet, you’re still struggling to create the wealth and true financial freedom that you desperately want to achieve.
  • You’ve been in the personal development world and restarted your healing practices (over and over again) but nothing seems to ‘stick’ for good.
  • You feel like you are stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage and you’re ready to get out.

You Are Not Alone…

It’s time to feel GOOD when it comes to your life… But you need to upgrade your BODY to make that happen for you.

You are coded to struggle, sacrifice, and to NOT get what you want. You are coded for procreation, production and survival. With THE REBOOT we will change all your coding!

We want abundance, freedom, and safety. We want an easy life where we don’t have to work hard and sacrifice for money and health. We want things to be good for us 99.9% of the time.

That Is Possible!

But… it’s not happening. Not because of self sabotage or a lack of discipline. You are not doing anything wrong (read that part again).

It’s because you are fighting something you can’t see: THE PAST.

The past of your childhood. The past of your ancestors. The past of your DNA.

It’s why life seems so hard, people seem so mean and the world looks like it’s on fire. It’s time for this ALL to change (for once and for all).

Introducing THE REBOOT: 6 Weeks To A Totally New You!

As humans we are constantly evolving. We are evolving so fast that we forget that we were once animals. So much has happened to us in the hundreds of thousands of years that we hit the scene and so much of this still lives in us.

It’s clear when you look at humanity you can see that our past is defining our future.

Our animalistic past and the trauma of our ancestors is creating a world which doesn’t work well.

It’s time for us to change this.

It’s Time To REBOOT Your Human Operating System

Come and join us in THE REBOOT where you will clean out the past so our future can be bright.

It’s time for life to get easy every single day.

get lifetime access And Master Resell RIghts if you join now!

I’M Ready For A Reboot

The Results Speak For Themselves…


You will learn how to reboot and recode your whole body. It’s a complete realignment to get the brain, body and nervous system back together on the same page so we can move forward.

This 6 week course will recharge you, realign you, and will make you feel whole again (or maybe even for the first time).

Inside THE REBOOT you will get:

  • 6 Weeks of live training, interaction and support.
  • 12 modules each targeting a specific subject to clean out, realign and reboot your entire self(replays available). Each lesson will contain a teaching, a targeted clean out, a reboot and a reset activity.
  • Lifetime Access to all the course content so that you can go through this over and over again!
  • Energy practices and daily integrations to help continuously clean out your body’s old ‘stuff’ that is holding you back.
  • A community to support your journey and help you discover your blind spots and provide encouragement and accountability.
  • A deep dive into our signature method: The Rapid Relief Technique™ and how to bring it into all aspects of your life.
  • [BONUS] The option to join The Upgrade Experience for only $47 and get full access to our Magic Monday, Tap It Out Together, Daily Dose plus $50,000 of additional resources to reboot and recode your system even FASTER.

We need to clear out the past so we can create the future we all dream of…

And that’s exactly what you will experience inside THE REBOOT.


We are on a mission to reach the masses and change the world! We would love your help in making this happen! As an added bonus, you will be able to resell this course in your business (or in your personal life) for 100% profit to you. The details of this are still being finalized but the Master Resell Rights will be gifted to you once the course is fully ready for resell purposes.


Once this program is finalized, the price of the Master Resell Rights will increase so be sure to join us now!

We need to clear out the past so we can create the future we all dream of… And that’s exactly what you will experience inside THE REBOOT.

Through decades of research and honing our methods, Hey U Human has uncovered that us humans need an upgrade.

We are in an emotional revolution. It is an incredible time to be alive. But it can feel A LOT if you don’t have the right tools and understanding to move through it with ease.

Having invisible limits and subconscious blocks in the way to our success is no fun. We know where we want to go. We sometimes even know HOW to get there. But often we don’t do the things, or when we do the things they don’t turn out how we wanted them to.

It’s frustrating, I know. It’s like we know deep down inside that life shouldn’t be this way… but somehow it is. You may even get a glimmer of how good it can be, but holding it consistently just doesn’t seem to happen.

There is a reason for this – and THE REBOOT is the answer.

  • No more going in circles.
  • No more talking ten steps forward just to take ten steps back.
  • No more old patterns showing up.
  • No more self sabotage or being derailed in life.

This will be the deepest dive into the crap that has been holding you back, releasing it for good.

We will dive into money, health, family, sexuality and even dive deep into the collective history of humans to clean out all past traumas that our species has been through.

It will be fast and furious but you will walk a new human, recharged and ready to make your desires your reality.

get lifetime access And Master Resell Rights if you join now!

Join The Reboot Now

Your Transformation Starts Here

Inside THE REBOOT you will experience:

  • A deep understanding of the unconscious blocks that are holding you back individually and collectively.
  • A deep identification and cleanout of said blocks with our signature step by step method.
  • Learn how to rewrite your new stories in each area of your life and lock it into your body so you no longer feel like you are on a healing roller coaster.
  • Expand into your next level self and bring all your magic and manifestations into your reality (fast).
  • Finally create lasting stability, peace, love and MAGIC into your life.
  • Have a lot of fun while upgrading your human.

It’s time to feel better. It’s time for life to ACTUALLY be what you want it to be.

get lifetime access And Master Resell RIghts if you join now!

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