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This world makes everything so much harder than it needs to be. You and everyone else have been intentionally kept from the truth about how life works, how to find your power, and the magic that lives in you. This has created a life full of stress and anxiety, kept you feeling stuck and made life more complicated than it needs to be.

It’s time to change that with the Stress Less, Live More event

Join us in this jam-packed 2-hour free event where we will teach you everything there is to know about ditching your stress and finally LIVING life on your terms.



Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Sara!

I created Hey U Human because it drove me nuts when I looked around at the world and saw hardship where there didn’t need to be and struggle where there could be joy. I saw a world lacking in safety, trust and love. I knew this was not the way.

After years of doing my own work and figuring out plenty of things, I began to share my learnings with others. I was amazed at how many people did not know these things and how it drastically changed their life.

I began to see I had something the world desperately needed.

Learn the truth about your stress and why you ACTUALLY have it…

…it’s NOT why you think

Living with stress isn’t normal. It’s not a ‘regular part of life’. It’s been sold this way. But why??

In these 2-hours, we will share the 4 myths preventing us from living stress-free. These are the four things no one has told you that you MUST know if you wan to kick the stress, find your magic and finally start LIVING.

What you will learn in the Stress Less, Live More event:

  • MYTH #1: IT’S ALL ABOUT MINDSET – Everyone talks about mindset but no one talks about how fleeting it is. Mindset work doesn’t work if you don’t do the pre-work. In fact without the pre-work, it creates greater inner turmoil and stress. The Stress Less, Live More event will show you how to remove yourself from the collective belief that we must struggle, endure and work hard. This isn’t about your mindset… it’s so much deeper so you actually see easy transformation.
  • MYTH #2: STRESS IS INEVITABLE – The biggest story we hear is that stress, anger, frustration, anxiety and exhaustion are just a part of life. This is a grave misconception. The Stress Less, Live More event will teach you why society and our culture create a systematic web of worry and stress that benefits a select few, but definitely not you.
  • MYTH #3: COPING TECHNIQUES ARE HEALING TECHNIQUES – Most teachings show you how to cope, calm down, or reframe. Nothing has taught you how to release the frustrations so they don’t keep popping up. Calming down is not enough. The problem keeps coming back. The Stress Less, Live More event is going to teach you our complete signature technique that gives you rapid relief from ANYTHING you are stressed about, struggling with, or wanting to release. You will learn the full technique for free and be able to use it at home without us!
  • MYTH #4: POSITIVE THINKING WORKS – This is always a controversial topic, but a necessary one nonetheless. Positive thinking keeps you distracted from living stress-free. In the Stress Less, Live More event we are going to share why positive thinking may not be benefiting you like you think it is (and what to do instead).
  • [BONUS TRAINING] CALMING DOWN NOT REQUIRED – When everyone else is trying to ‘calm down’ or get over the irritations of life, you will learn how to BE CALM even when the world around you is feeling crazy. The goal isn’t about acting calm. The goal is that you ARE CALM. We will show you how to avoid being stressed in the first place.

Save My Seat

Let’s discover your zest for life!

Look, most of us are not truly LIVING. We are getting by, hoping to one day find our spark and finally live in the joys of life. It’s like we all want to be at the Four Seasons but instead end up at the Holiday Inn Express. It’s not…bad, but it’s not what you wanted.

In this 2-hour event together, we are going to change that. This won’t be an event teaching you how to meditate or use standard coping mechanisms that most teach for stress. It won’t be about thinking positively or mindset – this is different. This is key information that almost NONE of us have ever been taught that we need to learn in order to have the best human experience possible.

If you feel like this human experience has been confusing and overwhelming and like you may be missing some pieces to how it all works… You’re not alone.

Join us, and let us help it all make sense!

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